Staffordshire Bull Terriers are an adaptable breed of dog and

always willing to please. They make excellent pets

but can also excel in disciplines other than conformation showing.


Other Dogs Qld recognised sports Staffords can compete in are:

Obedience, Agility & Jumping, Tracking, Endurance Trials and Dances with Dogs.


Search the Dogs Qld website for more information on clubs in your area.


Each sport has its own specific rules and levels of competition,

with many different titles that can be achieved with a lot of hard work and training. Titles in these disciplines are generally listed after the dogs pedigree name,

with more letters listed meaning higher levels achieved.


There are many dedicated, hard-working teams of club members and their staffords who are representing our breed in this arena with much success.

Hundreds of hours of training, fitness and competition goes into a title.

As such, a very close and special bond develops - the handler and their dog are a close knit team, each relying on one another.


The following lists on the below pages recognises the achievements of

these very special dogs, both past and present.


To the dogs............... we say "thankyou".








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