Championship Show - Sunday 13th August 2017

Breed Specialist Judge - Mrs Karon Jackson (Jackabyte UK)

I would firstly like to express my sincere thanks to the Club and Committee for inviting me to step in and Judge at this first class well organised, top speciality breed club show. My thanks also to my ring stewards and the Photographer, Fiona, who took some fabulous photos. Overall I found exhibits to be of good breed type with only a few who lacked the basic starting block for the breed. Most had good frame, bone, head shape and underjaw but mouth faults were very evident with some very tight canines and some even converging whilst others had untidy incisors or dirty teeth. Dentition is an area of concern to any Judge and breeder/exhibitor alike so in my own opinion, it is a subject that needs to be looked at in any breeding programme. Fitness it a bug bear of mine, I do like to see shape and muscle definition in the correct proportion so I was aware of some exhibits being quite soft to touch. All in all, good type is evident overall with just odd issues that could be addressed to improve the quality of stock you have. And remember, this is only MY opinion – others have their own whether we be right or wrong. Thank you all for your sportsmanship and compliments after the show.


1st Avery/Ross SWANKY BLACK PANTHER B/Br youngster who showed himself off well. Promising type. Enough bone for age. Good head shape. Lovely expression. Teeth still setting in but jaw profile looks correct. Straight front. Balanced throughout. Good bone. Lovely topline. Nice rear quarters. Walked out confidently. Showed well. Shows much promise at this stage. Very pleased to award this young boy BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd Litfin/Bligh MAZULI BLACK DOG Good head for age, nice expression with good dark eye. Good front. Well padded feet. Nice body close coupled. Confident young dog who responded well to handler.

3rd Roebig BXACT THE DOPPLER EFFECT Brindle young boy with good bone. Pleasing head and shape. Topline ok. Short in coupling. Good coat. Moved out well.


1st Clewley HIGHBOURNE FRANKEL B/White pied dog standard size. Good headed youngster with nice depth of skull and distinct stop. Strong underjaw. Pleasing expression. Enough bone for age. Topline ok. Moved a little close behind. Stood and handled well. Happy to award him OPPOSITE MINOR IN SHOW.

2nd Hughes MOSSTROOPER DALLASAFTERMIDNITE Red/white pied Youngster who has a nice head shape with good depth for his age. Distinct stop. Ears and eye set ok. Developing well. Topline ok. Good bone. Good bend of stifle. Rear quarters coming on well. Handled well.

3rd Horua TYKABUL ITS ALL GOOD B/Br Another youngster with virtues. Good enough in head for a minor, deep through but would prefer more width which will come with maturity. Strong underjaw. Sturdy frame with good bone. Straight front down to good feet. Good topline. Pleasing proportions. He was presented and handled well and moved ok but needs to settle from his rear movement.


1st Marks STAFFDUP TH ERLKONIG Br/White – good size for age. Clean outlines. Well boned young boy. Good feet and padding. Pleasing head shape and size. Correct bite. Decent expression. Solid looking frame. Well bodied. Rear quarters developing well. Moved out ok around the ring maintaining his topline. Shown and handled very well. Happy to award him BEST OPPOSITE PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd Shaw BELLEDEN RED SUNSTONE OV MARS (AI) Red dog of nice overall type with good head shape. He has a distinct stop with good eye placement and neat ears offering a pleasing expression. Straight enough in front with good bone. Lighter in frame than first but still balanced and of good proportions. Nice bodied with good rib and enough width of chest. Level topline. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved ok and handled well.

3rd Lacey/Bainbridge DEKADANCE BLOOD AND ROSES B/Br. Decent shape to head and depth of skull. Ears ok and eye set well. Good teeth and bite. Needs to mature on a little more to get a better picture. Presents a good style at this age. Would prefer more width to his chest and tidier movement but this may improve with age. Moved around the ring with confidence. Handled well.


1st McBride BROHEZ CLASH OF KINGS (AI) B/Br young dog of good all-round breed type. Loved his strength and balance. A good blend of bull and terrier. He has a lovely short deep through skull with good width. Distinct stop and good eye and ear placing which then offers a great expression. Correct bite. Strong in underjaw. Clean front with ample bone. Up on his pasterns. Nice bodied with good proportions. Clean shoulder Good drop to his brisket. Nice width of chest. Shapely rear with good muscle shape and tone. Good bend to stifle and well let down in hock. A very pleasing young dog who will go on to take top honours I’m sure. He looked the part and showed himself off with his ring presence. His handler got the best from him. Pushed hard in the challenge line up. No hesitation in awarding him BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW.

2nd Bustabones CH BUSTADONES TRY WHISTLING THIS B/Br who pushed hard for first place. Lovely style and overall type about this dog. In good condition throughout. Lovely head and pleasing expression with good ears and well set eye placement. Good front with nice feet. Ample bone throughout with good rib and depth of brisket. Close coupled, nice bodied dog. Level topline both stood and on the move. Strong rear quarters producing good movement. A good looking typey dog very pleasing to view from all angles. Pushed for 1st place. Another who will continue to pick up top honours. Presented and handled well.

3rd Shaw MOSSTROOPER KENTUCKY MOON A nice young dog with pleasing headshape, with strength, deep through skull and distinct stop, ears ok. Straight front with ample bone and good width of chest. Topline held level both standing and on the move. In fit condition. Well muscled rear quarters. Strong well covered loin with nice tuck up. Good bend of stifle. Carried tail correctly. Moved well. The third of a trio of typey quality dogs.


1st Macdonald CH DEVILZOWN VOODOO CHILE B/Br of quality. Definitely caught my eye at my first look as he entered the ring. Standard size with enough strength and physique to portray good overall proportions. Well muscled throughout. Good strength of skull with lovely definition and good stop. Correct bite, clean muzzle. Well placed dark eye and good ear carriage offered a great expression. Clean straight front, well boned. He was on his toes and stood four square with a level topline and good underlines showing a very pleasing profile. Closely coupled. Strong muscular rear. Free powerful movement. Loved his overall type. His handler gets the best from him. Pushed for Dog Challenge but I just preferred the strength, power and type of my Dog Challenge on the day, but I did not hesitate to award this dog the RESERVE DOG CHALLENGE together with BEST INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW. Well done.

2nd Morton CH SAVION STAND AND DELIVER Br of top size. Correct bite and housed in a good jawline. Strong head and skull with good shape and definition. Distinct stop. Pleasing expression from well placed eyes and ear set. A balanced dog with enough bone, straight front, good feet. His depth of brisket was correct with a well sprung rib, level topline and good hind quarters. Lovely condition throughout with good coat condition. He was shown and handled very well and moved positively with driving action. Pushed for first but I just preferred the overall picture of 1st place.

3rd Ross CH SWANKY THE FORCE AWAKENS Br with white chest. Appealing dog with lovely head shape and size. Nice depth to skull. Distinct stop. Good bite. Nice width of chest and depth of brisket. Good outlines. Well muscled and shapely physique. Although a close decision between this trio, I preferred the movement on 1st and 2nd . Correct tail set and carriage. Went well around the ring holding topline.




1st Roebig SUP CH PITFORD MASTER O PUPPETS B/Br Lovely looking typey dog with balance throughout. Not overdone in any area. Strong enough in skull with good shape, nice expression. Correct bite. Clean throughout. Good front, straight and enough bone. Good spring of rib and depth of brisket. Nice profiles on this dog and he holds a strong level topline both standing and on the move. His movement was effortless with drive. Good ring presence. His handler gets the best from him and presents him very well. Pleased to award this dog STATE BRED IN SHOW.

2nd Hill AUS CH MAGICMINE DARK KNIGHT CCD RN B/Brindle dog with good skull shape, depth and proportion. Nice expression although ears could be a little tidier. Lovely straight front down to tight neat feet. Correct fall of brisket and good spring of rib. Good shape and definition to rear quarters with nice bend of stifle. Excellent muscular condition. Good coat. Handled very well.

3rd Drury BEAURITE HOW U PLAY TH GAME Brindle standard sized dog of good proportions. Nice headed dog with alert expression, well pronounced cheek muscles adding to this wicked expression. Correct bite. Muscular fit condition with cracking physique overall. Rear quarters are very firm, muscular thighs producing powerful movement. Decent bend of stifle. Handler got the best from him.


1st Mobbs/Snerling/Kavanagh CH STRONGSTORM KINGDOM COME (AI) B/Br who commands attention. Smart dog. His overall appearance is very pleasing. Well balanced. Great condition a credit to his owner/handler. Broad enough in skull with good depth and definition. Good eye and ear placing to give pleasing expression. Clean shoulder and front with good bone. Fit condition with good tuck up into strong loin. Good fore and rear quarters with nice bend of stifle and muscular backend which produced clean driving movement. Took my eye in this class and was a very worthy winner. Ticked a lot of boxes for me. Im sure he will continue to secure top honours as he matures on. Pleased to award this lovely dog AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW.

2nd Ross/Avery/Ross AUS CH SWANKY HEAVILY ARMED (AI) Standard sized dog showing pleasing breed type. Strong head of good proportion and definition. Short strong neck. Clean shoulder lines. Straight front. Enough width and depth of forechest. Good bone but not overdone. Short in back. Excellent topline. Terrific coat condition. Well turned out dog. Moved out well.

3rd Haley LACHCON VENI VIDI VICI A lot to like about this boy at his top size. Very balanced for his size. Terrific head piece, distinct stop with awesome depth of skull. Nice well set round eye and good ears portraying an alert and pleasing expression. Good outline and physique. Ample bone. Good bend of stifle. Clean enough throughout. Strong level topline. Went well.


1st Lewis/Bustabones SUP CH BUSTABONES GET YA GAMEFACE ON B/Br dog who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Everything about this dog was spot on today. Full of breed type. Great strength throughout, good proportions and well balanced . Solid build and put down in excellent condition. Gleaming coat, fit muscular and generally a very good looking dog. Deep through skull with distinct stop; strong cheek definition and good width of foreface. Correct bite. Correct dark round eye and ear placement giving a terrific alert expression. Clean straight front and good shoulders with ample width of chest, good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Strong well padded feet. Short and strong neck. Good topline both stood and on the move. Well muscled and defined hindquarters with a good bend to stifle and well let down in the hock. His driving movement was powerful and true and the overall look on profile of this dog as he moved around the ring was impressive. He ticked all the boxes for me and I can fully appreciate why he is a Supreme Champion. For me, he is a great example of breed type, strength coupled with class and I had no hesitation in awarding him the DOG CHALLENGE and then BEST IN SHOW, TOGETHER WITH BEST OPEN IN SHOW. He brought my mind to a wonderful dog I recently lost and to that end I would have easily taken him home if I didn’t live thousands of miles away. Good luck with him onwards – I am sure he will continue to take top honours with his true breed type and general good balance with strength and ring presence – he has it all going on. What a dog!

2nd Frazer CH HIGHBOURNE LONHRO White/B pied. A dog of good all round type with some strength and substance. Liked his head shape, depth of skull and definition of stop. Short in foreface. Good proportions of skull to muzzle. Pleasing expression. Neat ears. Strong underjaw. Correct bite. Good front with strength of bone. Good depth of brisket to balance front aspect. Good proportions. Level topline. Nicely shaped into good loin and rear quarters. Covered the ground and moved out well. Handled and shown well.

3rd Darragh/Faamita CH USHERIN SACRE BLEU Pied with nice overall type. Balanced throughout. Good head shape and size, not overdone or exaggerated. Pleasing expression from good eye set and lovely neat ears. Good bite. Nice straight well boned front. Enough width of forechest. Level topline. Nice drop to his brisket into shapely tucked up loin. Good bend of stifle. Clean lines throughout. Handled very well.


1st Dart CH VAGASTAFF I SEE RED what a lovely boy at a mere 10 years young. Red with white bib and distinguished grey muzzle. In great physical shape for his age and could easily give some younger dogs a run for their money in his overall condition. Lovely head shape and alert keen expression from well placed eye and good ear carriage. Clean lipped. Good bone. Good width of forechest and front. Correct depth of brisket. Level topline. Still has good firm rear quarters. Loved his overall type. He was a really nice dog who Im sure would’ve bought a second look from many a Judge in his heyday. He reminded me of my old red girl, recently lost to me, and it bought a tear to my eye looking at him. I had great pleasure in awarding him BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. Well done, you deserve your title.


1st Litfin/Bligh MAZALI BLACK MAGIC WOMAN B/Br good looking type of bitch with a feminine yet well defined head for one so young. Eye catching feminine expression from her well placed neat ears and dark eye. She has correct bite. She is well balanced throughout. Good bone. She has a straight front and neat feet. Chest and rib are ok but will need to develop as she matures to give her better width. Lovely all round type of bitch who shows much promise. Shown and handled very well. Pleased to award her OPPOSITE BABY PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd Avery/Ross SWANKY BLACK WIDOW B/Br a pleasing young bitch with a lovely head profile, neat ears and well placed eye which then gives a nice expression. Good front. Still very immature and needs to develop more as she gones on. Good topline. Good tail set and carriage. Moved confidently for one so young. Handled and shown very well.

3rd Lee ZAHARASTAFF RAISED FROMTH ASHES Brindle youngster of good sort. Feminine head and pleasing expression. Good eye and ear placement. Clean shoulder, straight enough in front. Rear quarters developing well. Had confidence and went well around the ring.


1st Walsh KYPAJUKA CHERRY BLOSSOM Young red bitch with depth of colour and tight short coat. Pleasing head shape with definition. Well placed rose ear. Correct bite. Good drop to brisket and width of chest is ok at the moment. Good bone. Would prefer straighter front but she has many attributes which far outweighed my personal preferences. Good shape to her body. Defined rear quarters. Lots of ring presence today which made her shine. Shown and handled well. Pleased to award her MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd Hill MAGICMINE KNIGHTS ANGEL A Feminine headed bitch. Not as strong as first. She has clean lines throughout. Correct bite. Ears were ok. She has decent bone and when viewed from the side has a pleasing outline with her body showing good shape and development. Nice front and good enough in bone. Handler got the best from her and she moved well with confidence.

3rd Shaw BELLEDEN DI ARABESCO Young bitch of good sort. Nice head with definition and without any exaggeration. Good dentition. Straight front. Nice width of chest and depth to brisket. Looked balanced throughout. Nice outline and shapely hind quarters. Lacked a little ring confidence but she is only a baby so I’m sure this will improve.


1st Gibson PRYDMOR NAUGHTY BY NATURE (AI) B/Br bitch showing balanced throughout with pleasing outline. Smart looking youngster. Loved her headshape, size and definition, very clean in muzzle and good strength of underjaw. She is not overdone in any department and portrays a pleasing frame and shape. Nice expression from neat ears and well placed round eye. She has correct bite. Straight front. Feet could be tad tighter. Correct fall of brisket and nice width to her chest and spring of rib. Shapely body with good coupling. with good rear quarters. She moved out well around the ring. Shows much promise at this stage. No hesitation in awarding her PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd Edwards SOOKALOTT ON THE QT B/Br Pleasing young bitch with nice head and shape. Liked the definition of stop and proportions of skull to muzzle. Clean lipped. Ears ok. Straight front and good bone. Nice width to her chest and ribs developing well. Level topline. Hind quarters are coming on well without too much exaggeration at this age. Nice overall package who shows promise.

3rd Mobbs LACHCON SHINEBRIGHTLIKADIAMOND B/Br showing good lines throughout. Feminine head with good expression. Ears ok. Clean lipped. Balanced proportions . Good width of chest and rib developing well. Level topline. Hind quarters coming on a treat with good shape and tone. Good bend of stifle and well let down in hock. Close decision between 2nd and 3rd placings. In lovely condition. Handled and shown very well. Another promising young bitch.


1st Beatson MOSSTROOPER MEMPHIS MINNIE Red/white pied bitch who caught my eye as I first glanced around the entrants in this class. I loved the look of her today. Lovely pleasing head with good strength, definition and shape, retaining her feminine soft expression, no harshness about her at all. Clean shoulders and straight well boned front into neat well padded feet. Nice width of chest and correct fall of brisket and good spring of rib. Level topline. Good rear quarters with nice bend of stifle well let down in hock. Well covered loin and rear quarters offering definition and shape. Balanced bitch who moved effortlessly with drive. Her deportment and presence was quietly reserved and I loved the overall image of her. Movement was graceful yet powerful and she moved out well around the ring maintaining a level topline and good tail carriage. Was very pleased to award her the RESERVE BITCH CHALLENGE. I awarded her BEST OPPOSITE JUNIOR IN SHOW against the dog who just pipped her to it.

2nd McBride BROHEZ NOW YOU SEE ME (AI) B/Br femine bitch who is of good breed type. Not overdone but very balanced. Striking type of bitch. Lovely head with good shape and proportions. No exaggeration. Alert expression. Nice eye and ear set. Good bite. Clean lipped. Good shoulders, Clean in front with enough bone. Good feet showing no weakness at pastern. Level topline both standing and on the move. Her hind quarters are developing well showing good muscle tone and shape. Up on her toes today. She went well around the ring producing sound movement. Handled well. Promising youngster.

3rd Lewis/Kavanagh CH BUSTABONES MY NAME IS NO B/Br bitch with good strength of head with feminine expression. Well set eye. Ears ok. Correct bite. She has a straight front down to heat feet. Good bone. Level topline stood and on the move. Strong hind quarters with muscular definition. Good bend of stifle. Pleasing all round outlines. The third of a good trio of bitches I placed in this class. She was shown well and her handler got the best from her.



1st Walsh/Szirer BORSTAFF DEAR DOROTHY DIX B/White pied. Good sized bitch with a head of virtuous size and proportion, distinct stop with nice strength of muzzle. She has a strong clean underjaw. Correct bite. Clean lipped. Ample bone with good front, straight down to good feet. Pleasing width of chest and and correct drop of brisket. Good spring of rib. Shapely tuck up into well covered loin. Nice overall package. Level topline both standing and on the move. Correct tail set and carriage. Handled and shown very well. Pleased to award her BEST OPPOSITE INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW.

2nd Darragh/Faamita B/Br USHERIN NO END IN SIGHT B/Br with white chest and neck. Pleasing type of bitch with good overall proportions. Not overdone but she has enough strength and size to portray a lovely outline. Good headed but not exaggerated with good proportion of skull to muzzle. Clean straight front showing no weakness at pastern. Correct fall of brisket and nice tuck up. Wouldve preferred a tad more forechest. Muscular rear quarters with good shape. Good bend of stifle. Went well.

3rd Sinnott LOTASTAFF LIGHTNING BOLT B/Br nice type with balance. Pleasing head size and shape with ample depth of skull and distinct stop. Neat ears, nice expression. Width and depth of forechest was ok. Level topline. Good rear quarters with a lot of muscular definition. She was in very fit condition, and I personally would prefer to see her with more covering as she was maybe a little too stripped but she has many attributes which were evident overall. She went really well around the ring producing sound rear movement and maintained a level topline. Handled well. With more covering on her body im sure she would do much better.


1st Reid/Sing SONIQUE FIRE N ICE White / red pied bitch who has a lovely head without exaggeration but still has enough strength and size to offer a good skull with definition of stop and strength of muzzle. Ears ok. Neat feet. Nice width of chest. Enough depth of brisket and spring of rib. Straight front. Clean lines throughout. She had a toned physique showing good shape. Nice rear quarters with good bend of stifle and let down of hock. She Good bend of stifle . Moved out well around the ring. Handled well. Happy to award her OPPSITE STATE BRED IN SHOW.

2nd Haley LACHCON BRINGING SEXY BACK Red bitch who is very balanced with a clean outline. Nice head although finer than the first place, offering decent expression from well placed eye and ear set. Good dentition and bite. Straight well boned front, neat feet. Good width of chest and depth of brisket. Topline ok. Moved ok but better from behind with good rear hind quarter angulation. Pump handle tail. Shown and handled well.

3rd Shaw BELLEDEN SWEET RED DREAMER (AI) Red of nice type. Good definition to a pleasing head and shape. Nice feminine expression from well set dark eye and good ears. Correct bite. Clean front with straight bone. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Level topline. Softer physique to touch than first/second, but still has good body tone and shape. Responded to handler well who got the best from her.


1st Bawden CH CASTLEBAR RAISE THE ROOF B/Br classy bitch who is very eye catching portraying a lot of breed type. She has a good head and skull of good proportions with feminine expression and lovely well set dark eye and good ears. She has good dentition and correct bite. Good bone. Straight front and good feet. Enough width of forechest with correct depth to her brisket with ample rib. Level topline which she held when she moved out effortlessly around the ring. Very clean driving movement. Shapely and muscular rear quarters. Showed and handled very well. An impressive bitch with nothing to hide who has many virtues for all to see. Would just prefer a tad more shape to loin area. Handler got the very best from her. Strong player in the Challenge line up. Pleased to award her OPPOSITE AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW.


2nd Darragh/Faamita CH USHERIN ASHES & DIAMONDS B/white pied bitch who looks the part. Nice headed with good depth to skull and distinct stop, with good proportions of muzzle to skull ratio. Good condition overall. Good ear and eye placement offering pleasing expression. Strong enough in underjaw. Correct bite. Straight front with good bone. Ample width of chest with good spring of rib and depth of brisket. Tucked up into well covered loin giving pleasing outlines. Shapely well muscled rear quarters. Good tail set and carriage. Went well around the ring. Shown and handled well.

3rd Abbott CH CASTLEBAR TALKING IN TONGUES B/Br bitch with good skull, shape and size. Lovely depth of skull. Clean muzzle, strong underjaw. Slightly light eye. Good ear set. Correct bite. Straight well boned front into good feet showing no weakness at pastern. Level topline. Pleasing outlines when viewed from any angle. She moved out well producing sound movement although very slightly close on rear. In good condition throughout. Shown and handled well


1st Walsh CH URBANWATER CHERRY BOMB a Red bitch of good breed type who has depth of quality. Not overdone in any area. Very well balanced. Demands you look at her when she enters the ring. Impressed me with her classic overall look. Pleasing headshape from good size and proportioned skull. Clean without exaggeration or wrinkles. Loved her keen expression. Good eye placement and lovely rose ear set well. Stands four square portraying good topline and underline. She has a good bend of stifle and well let down at the hock. Straight front with enough bone. Clean shoulder and short enough in neck. She has correct depth to brisket and a good shape rib with a good tuck up into her loin. Good rear quarters, not as hard as I would like, but nonetheless in great shape. Moved around the ring with ease showing drive and free agile gait. Quality in abundance. A top class bitch with plenty of breed type who I liked a lot and didn’t hesitate to give her top honours today awarding her the BITCH CHALLENGE, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW AND OPPOSITE OPEN IN SHOW. Well done.

2nd Frazer CH HIGHBOURNE FLIRTATIOUS B/Br bitch of pleasing type. Balanced throughout with no exaggerations. Feminine well proportioned head and skull with enough width and depth to compliment her overall profile. Neat rose ear set. Correct bite. Clean straight front. She has the correct depth to her brisket and nice spring of rib. Level topline, stood square. Bend of stifle ok. Well let down in hock. Rear quarters have good shape and tone. She moved well around the ring offering sound movement and was shown and handled well.

3rd Bawden CH CASTLEBAR RING SIDE RIOT B/Br balanced feminine bitch with a lot to like. She has a lovely head type, shape and size. Neat ears which she used to her advantage. Correct bite. Broad enough in chest with correct drop to brisket and good spring of rib. Good bodied bitch who is closely coupled and powerful well angulated rear. Lovely level topline. Moved soundly. Just preferred the overall finish and condition of 2nd place today.


1st Shaw CH BELLEDEN ARABESQUE 8 years young Brindle of good quality. Still possesses a lovely outline and shape. Balanced throughout with good head and pleasing expression. Clean throughout. Straight in front. Good rib and brisket. Level topline. Correct bite. Good topline when stood and moving. Good condition. Handled very well. Pleased to award her Best Opposite Veteran In Show.

2nd Osborne/Horley CH CAYBRE LADY GAGA B/Br Lovely girl with lots to like. Good frame for age. Good condition with lovely head shape and size, well defined, clean with well set dark eye. Good width of chest and spring of rib. Nice bodied bitch with good outlines. Good rear quarters. Moved out ok.





1st Temple XAMRIK ZERO GRAVITY Red/white striking dog of lovely breed type. Pleasing head with good depth and width of skull. Distinct stop. Clean foreface. Clean shoulder. Straight front with good bone. Good width to his chest and fall of brisket. Nice rib. Good bodied dog. Clean outlines. Powerful rear. Good bed of stifle. Went well around the ring. Shown and handled well. Happy to award him BEST OPPOSITE NEUTER IN SHOW

2nd Cresswell/Strand NEUT CH MAGICMINE DARK ASSASSIN B/Br dog heavier in statue and bone than first. Good head and expression. Ample bone with good front. Width and depth of chest ok. Fall of brisket to correct point. Typey dog. Good rear quarters with nice bend of stifle. Just carrying more weight and not is the condition of first place. Shown and handled well. He moved well around the ring.


1st Tattersall CH NEUT CH KYPAJUKA DISGRACEFUL HABITS B/Br Bitch who still has it all going on. Loved her type and overall look and balance. Feminine but well defined skull. Keen expression. Good bite. Straight front and bone with good feet. Impresses with overall clean outlines. Level topline, good rear quarters, well muscled. Good bend of stifle. Lots of ring presence. Very happy to award her BEST NEUTER IN SHOW.

2nd Shaw SUP CH BELLEDEN COMTESSE DE LA ROUGE red bitch with pleasing head shape. She has a nice expression, alert and on her toes. Nice front and good depth of brisket. Clean lines throughout. No exaggeration here just balance and honest clean lines. Stood and moved out well with good tail carriage and topline. Her handler got the best from her.

3rd Ross/Avery/Ross AUS SUP CH SWANKY QUITE QUALIFIED White bitch of good overall physical condition. Nice headed with alert expression with deep through skull and good definition. Good bone with nice depth of brisket and rib. Good tuck up and shape. Firm shapely rear. Went well. Handled and shown to her best.

Karon Jackson (Jackabyte/UK)


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