Championship Show - Saturday 12th August 2017

Breed Specialist Judge - Ms Jackie Smart (Arnhem UK)

I would like to offer my thanks to everybody who was involved in my invitation to this show, as I had been told at home this would be a superb weekend of dog showing and that is exactly what it was. Julana and her hard working team put on a wonderful show with a truely amazing display of prizes. This really was the experience of a lifetime, what with the wonderful show and the country that I got to see a little bit of. I am afraid I am not the best with words and a mere thank you does not really seem to fit the bill, but please know that my thanks come from the bottom of my heart. Now to the dogs ........though I don't consider myself a tooth fairy I do find the need to mention the mouth problems especially tight canines with the odd converging canine/s and untidy incisors throw in.......something I feel needs addressing. I found quite a few exhibits which I would not consider as show fit and had soft rearquarters ......on the plus side many exhibits possessed good bone and a number had really good underjaw and proper chins as someone I know would say.


Baby Puppy Dog

  1. Solostar One Last Dance.

bl/br chap of 3 months. Still very much a baby. He has a nice head shape with good ear and eye placement. His body is compact,he has good bone and a level topline. Moved out very confidently for one so young.

  1. Mazali Black Dog.

5 mth old black brindle. Good head properties for age. He has well padded feet and good bone. He has a dark eye. Rib is developing nicely and he is close coupled. Nice angulation to rear quarters. Another who moved well and behaved well for his handler.

  1. Zaharastaff Mr Bo Jangles

Brindle/white pied. Maturing nicely. Nice outline. Liked the muzzle strength on this pup, front is straight with good bone. Level topline at all times.


Minor Puppy Dog

  1. Staffdup Th Erlkonig. Brindle pied. Clean headed puppy without exaggeration. Correct length and strength to muzzle which housed a good bite. Well boned front, neat feet, level topline and enough rib. Up on the leg wouldn't want him to grow any more. Moved ok.
  1. Highbourne Frankel. Good sized Pied puppy. Decent head with correct ear carriage and well placed eye. Good depth to underjaw and correct dentition. Well boned front, enough rib and brisket at this stage. Level topline and enough bend of stifle. Close rear movement. Preferred the cleaner foreface of 1.
  1. Mosstrooper Dallasaftermidnite . Red/wh male. Decent head though slightly longer in muzzle than 2nd. Dark eye and neat ears. Would prefer more strength of underjaw and slightly cleaner lip. Well bodied with enough rib and brisket and he is short coupled. Moved well and has good tone to rearquarters for age. Handled well.

Puppy Dog

  1. Sookalot Yourentirelybonkers. Dark brindle with the neatest of ears. Displaying head of good proportions with nice strength to muzzle. Good front assembly with correct amount of bone. Nicely balanced youngster with adequate rib and brisket. Moved well holding a level topline.
  1. Dekadance Blood And Roses. Pleasing head shape on this black brindle. Clean lipped, good bite, dark eye set well in the skull. Good ear set. Rib and brisket developing nicely but lacks a little forechest. Preferred the rear angulation on 1. In good coat condition. Topline and movement ok.
  1. Belleden Red Sunstone Ov Mars (ai). Red, nice head shape with neat ear, well placed eye and a distinct stop. Really liked the depth of underjaw. Good bone on straight forelimbs. Enough rib and width to forechest. Correct tail carriage and moved ok holding a level topline. Just needs to tighten up.

Junior Dog

  1. Ch Bustabones Try Whistling This. Compact black brindle. Strong, well proportioned head piece with good strength of foreface. Neat ear and good eye placement. Would prefer a tad more width to chest. Has well boned front on neat feet with no weakness at pastern. Correct drop of brisket and adequate rib. Nice profile. Closed coupled and nice angulation to front and rearquarters. Moved and handled well.
  1. Mosstrooper The Master. Topsize red/ white pied. Clean headed lad with great expression enhanced with dark round eye and neat rose ear. Strong neck, level topline and close coupled. Correct depth of brisket and straight front with enough bone. In good condition. Preferred the front and rear angulation of winner.
  1. Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon. Strong headed pied dog. Good pigmentation , dark eye and good muzzle to skull ratio. Enough rib and correct depth of brisket. Level topline and toned hindquarters.

Intermediate Dog

      1. Ch Devilzown Voodoo Chile. Well balanced, bang in standard bl/br dog who took my eye immediately. Strong, chiselled head of good proportions with pronounced cheek muscles. Round eye and rose ear set correctly on skull. He has a correct bite and I liked the clean blocky muzzle on this lad also the good width and depth of underjaw. Plenty of width to forechest and he possesses the correct depth of brisket. His front is straight and well boned. Feet are neat and well padded. He has plenty of rib tapering to a well defined loin. He is close coupled and has a good bend of stifle. He was presented in super condition, his muscular rear and tight gleaming coat evident for all to see. Moved well enough especially behind. A pleasure to award him the DCC & RBIS. Intermediate In Show
  1. Ch Savion Stand And Deliver. Top sized brindle dog. Stunning colour in the sunlight. Strong defined head, good eye placement and the neatest of ears. He has the correct amount of bone on straight limbs. Clean fronted dog with correct depth to brisket and well padded feet. Correct mouth housing big teeth. Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders. Enough rib with good tuck up in loin. Moved well enough both ways holding a level topline.
  1. Ch Sookalot Armed N Red E (ai) Nicely balanced red dog. Strong head with good strength to muzzle and underjaw. Dark eye and neat ear. Super bone and good feet. Closed coupled and powerful rear quarters. Short neck and good lay back of shoulder. Would prefer better rear angulation.

State Bred Dog

  1. Sup Ch Pitford Master O Puppets. Fit, standard sized dark brindle. Well balanced dog, good head with a keen, alert expression. Covers the ground effortlessly and responds well to handler. Well balanced with correct depth of brisket and rib is well sprung. Front is straight and has the right amount of bone to balance. Level topline stood and on the move, tail carried correctly. Well presented. State Bred In Show
  1. Ch Taino Rock It Man (ai) Nice headed bl/br with clean foreface. Excellent mouth with big canines. Well placed eye with neat rose ear. Great strength for size and in tip-top condition. Well boned and good feet. Correct depth to brisket, good spring of rib and width of chest. Would prefer slightly better angulation to rear quarters. This dog has a tendency to pace if not moved at the correct speed but once right he moves ok.
  1. Aust Ch Magicmine Dark Knight CCD RN. Standard Bl/ br with ample bone. Decent head with clean muzzle. Prefer a neater ear. Straight forelimbs on neat feet. Good spring of rib. Correct depth of brisket and strong well muscled hindquarters. In super nick. Preferred the topline on the move of 2 nd.

Australian Bred Dog

1. Ch Strongstorm Kingdom Come. Impressive bl/br with strong, well defined headpiece. Nice blend of bull and terrier. Well balanced with good rib and nicely cut up in the loin. Level topline , good bend of stifle and strong backend. Moved well. Smart looking dog, handled well

  1. Ch Sookalot Stop N Stare. Top size red, clean headed, good width to muzzle which housed correct dentition. Bang on front, good bone and feet. Good shape to rib leading to light loin. Moved effortlessly holding his topline. In good physical shape. Just preferred the slightly shorter foreface of 1.
  1. Aust Ch Swanky Heavily Armed (ai). Standard size, nicely balanced Bl/ br with a pleasing expression enhanced by the neatest of ears which he used constantly. His head is clean and of good proportions. Correct mouth. Straight front on neat well padded feet. Level topline with slight slope at croup which leads to a correct onset of tail. Good rear angulation and has a good level of fitness judging by his well muscled hindquarters.Just preferred the front of 2nd.

Open Dog

  1. Sup Ch Bustabones Get Ya Gameface On. Bl/ br who stood out in this class grabbing my attention upon entering the ring. Another in super condition, his muscular rear quarters propelling him effortlessly around the ring. Strong head of good proportions, good mouth, distinct stop, dark round eye and neat rose ear. Straight well boned front showing no weakness at pastern. He has good spring of rib and correct depth to brisket. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulder and he has straight, well boned forelimbs on good feet. A right showman.....Handler got the best out of him. Preferred topline on the move of this dog but in the challenge I just preferred the expression and cleaner muzzle of my CC winner so had to settle for the RCC today.
  1. Ch Highbourne Lonhro. Substantial white with black markings. Strong headed with a keen expression. Dark eye and neat rose ear which he used well. Good width and depth to underjaw , clean enough muzzle housing a good bite. Straight limbs on neat feet with nice weight of bone to balance. Short neck leading to a level topline, well sprung rib and light loin. Nice bend of stifle and moved well. Just not in the condition of 1.
  1. Ch Strongstorm The Gift. Standard size bl/ br. Good muzzle to skull ratio but would prefer more depth to underjaw. Pleasing head shape which is clean with a distinct stop. Good dentition. Eye and ear set are good though would prefer a slightly darker eye. Good rib and brisket, good tuck up and strong rear quarters. Topline and movement Ok.

Veteran Dog

  1. Sup Ch Jewelhart Numoon Diablo. Topsize bl/br in tip top condition which was evident by the gleam of his coat and muscle definition. Strong head with correct skull to muzzle ratio and a defined stop. Muzzle is strong, mouth is correct and he has neat rose ears and a dark round eye which sits well in the skull. He has good spring of rib and a defined waist, broad chest and well boned straight front.
  1. Ch Vagastaff I See Red. Jolly little chap who seems to love his time in the ring. Standard Red with white bib of 10 years. Still in really nice condition for age, well muscled rear which could put some of his younger competitors to shame. His greying muzzle is of good strength and he is clean lipped. Lovely head shape and appealing dark round eye which only enhance his expression. Level topline and moved well. He has good bone, rib shape, feet and depth of brisket.

Neut Dog

  1. Xamrik Zero Gravity. Red/wh dog showing clean lines. Well defined head of good shape and size. Blocky muzzle of correct length to balance with skull. Good spring of rib, straight front and level topline. Close coupled and Good angulation to rear quarters. Responded well to handler and moved well.
  2. Neut Ch Magicmine Dark Assasin. Bl/br, stronger looking dog all round than winner. Good bone, depth of brisket and holds a level topline. Nice headshape and expression, strong muzzle and neat ear. Good shape to rib and moved well.

Baby Puppy Bitch

  1. Mazali Black Magic Woman. Bl/br with the most delightful expression. Lovely feminine headpiece of good shape and proportions. Neatest of ears, lovely dark eye and good bite. Front is straight but would benefit from a little more width of chest. Body shape developing nicely. Straight front on neat feet with black nails. Nice bend of stifle and moved well holding her topline. Shown perfectly. Should have a bright future. Baby Puppy In Show
  2. Swanky Black Widow. Another bl/br but in a slightly smaller package. Lovely headshape with neat ear and dark round eye. Good feet and enough bone and brisket at this stage. Rib is developing nicely. A tad longer cast than winner. Moved nicely.
  3. Usherin Her Final Curtsy. Br/ wh , still very much a baby compared to the two placed in front of her. She has nice headshape with good ear carriage and eye placement. Showing good balanced and nice weight of bone. Moved nicely.

Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Belleden Di Arabesco. Bl/br, very clean head and muzzle. Especially liked the depth of underjaw which housed good dentition. Her front is straight with adequate bone. Good width of forechest and depth of brisket. Good body shape with enough rib for age. Nice muscle tone to rear quarters. A little unsure of herself today but hopefully she will grow in confidence. Minor Puppy In Show.
  2. Magicmine Knights Angel. Sound Bitch but not the head shape of 1. Ears ok. Clean muzzle and good bite. Body developing nicely with correct front and rear angulation. She has good bone and moved well.
  3. Kypajuka Cherry Blossom. Dark red, nice head shape with neat rose ear. Enough depth of brisket at this stage of her development. Good rib tapering up to light loin and defined waist when viewed from above. Moves nicely behind holding her topline. Would prefer better front angulation and more forechest.

Puppy Bitch

  1. Prydmore Naughty By Nature. Bl/br of 9 months. Excellent headshape, neat ear and good bite. Possesses a round eye but would prefer a little darker. Clean muzzle with a good underjaw housing good dentition. Good topline and straight front. Nicely balanced with good depth of brisket and rib leading to a defined waist. Tail of correct length carried well. Feet could be tighter but hopefully these will improve with the right exercise. Puppy In Show.
  2. Strongstorm Disco Dancer. Bl/br/wh with pleasing headshape approaching 11 months of age. stronger all round than winner. Well boned, enough width to chest and well sprung rib. Defined waist, good bend of stifle and pump handle tail. Nice muscle tone to hind quarters.
  3. Satori Sweet Lips. Red/wh. Defined head with adequate stop and good underjaw. Muzzle could be cleaner. Good bone, front straight with neat feet on strong pasterns. Rib developing nicely and has enough depth to brisket. Good angulation to rear quarters which are firm to the touch. Moved well fore and aft.

Junior Bitch

  1. Ch Bustabones My Name Is No. Strong yet feminine head on this gal. Good muzzle strength holding correct bite. Well set, round dark eye, ears could be a tad smaller but sit well. Straight well boned front, nice ribshape and holds a level topline. Neat feet and dark nails on well boned limbs. Strong hindquarters showing good angulation. In good condition. Nice Bitch this one who won the class with a bit to spare. Junior In Show
  2. Bxact Talking Point. Clean headed red/wh with clean muzzle and strong underjaw. Good ear carriage which sit well. Front straight with enough bone. Close coupled with a well defined waist and good spring of rib. Good muscle tone to rear. Moved well.
  3. Bxact Walk It Like U Talk It. Similar to 2nd but a little heavier set. Neatest of ear. Correct muzzle to skull ratio. Well boned front on neat feet. Liked the width of forechest. Has enough rib but not the definition in loin of 2nd. Moved out well.

Intermediate Bitch

  1. Ch Mazali Yo Da One. Standard size Bl/br with good head proportions. Eye and ear placement are good but would prefer a slightly darker eye. Possesses a distinct stop, good strength to muzzle and pronounced cheek muscles. She is well ribbed with correct depth of brisket and width of chest. Nice angulated rear quarters. Moved ok. Could be in better nick and lighter in loin.
  2. Taino Dancing Thunder. Nicely balanced Bl/br. Decent headshape with pleasing expression. Neat enough ear and round eye. Adequate bone and neat feet. Shapely ribcage tapering to a defined waist. Well muscled backend and good bend of stifle. Moved a little close behind.
  3. Borstaff Dear Dorothy Dix. Br pied nearing the top end of the standard. Clean head of nice proportion.Especially liked her muzzle strength and good width of forechest. Nice bone and depth of brisket. Ample rib, level topline and good tail carriage. Would prefer a little more bend of stifle.

State Bred Bitch

  1. Kasalilly Made U Look. Red/wh Bitch. Soundest in the class. Super angulation front and rear....... if built right - they move right does she. Cleanest of heads of good proportions. Lovely round eye and neat ears which enhance her expression. Good ribcage, well boned front with neat feet and strong rear quarters. In hard condition but lacks a little definition in waist when viewed from above. Moved well. Nice Bitch who won the class with ease.
  2. Lachcon Bringing Sexy Back. Finer red than the winner. Balanced body and clean headed with neat ear and well placed eye. Dentition good. Neat feet and well boned front with enough width to forechest and depth to brisket. Nice rear angulation with muscle definition evident. Moved better behind.
  3. Belleden Sweet Red Dreamer. Red Bitch with a well defined head,correct mouth, dark eye and well place ear. Enough bone to balance, feet could be tighter. Brisket depth and ribshape good. Defined waist and good topline which is also level on the move. Could be fitter.

Australian Bred Bitch

  1. Ch Castlebar Raise The Roof. Quality, well balanced bl/br who won this class with room to spare. Lovely, feminine headpiece of good proportions, clean muzzle and correct scissor bite. The head is without exaggeration, she has the correct skull to muzzle ratio, enough depth of stop and a dark eye. She has correct angulation front and rear and good bend of stifle. Moved like a dream ....Handler moved her at the correct pace and was a joy to watch. She has the correct depth of brisket, a well sprung rib and a level topline. She has enough bone, her front is straight and she has good width of forechest. Her feet are tight and well padded with dark nails. Hindquarters are firm. Would like her a touch more tucked up in loin but with a little fine tuning she'd be spot on. Her movement just edged it for her today. CC & BIS. Australian Bred In Show.
  2. Zaharastaff Empower Me. Nicely proportioned feminine head with pleasing expression. Neat rose ear, round eye, correct dentition and good depth/width of muzzle which is clean. Nice rib shape leading to defined waist. In tip top condition and moved ok. Would prefer slightly better rear angulation.
  1. Aust Ch Blackshot Power Failure. Strong headed white bitch. Blocky muzzle housing good dentition. Darkest and most appealing eye, ear carriage ok. Straight front with enough bone. Well defined waistline and good spring of rib. Strong backend and good bend of stifle. Would prefer less slope off at the croup. Moved well.

Open Bitch

  1. Ch Urbanwater Cherry Bomb. Red with black mask, lovely feminine head shape , good eye placement and thin rose ear which sit neatly on the skull. All this enhances her wicked expression when something catches her eye. She has good skull to muzzle ratio and correct dentition. She has the correct amount of bone and her front is straight with no weakness at pasterns. Enough width to forechest and depth to brisket. Nice shape to rib leading to a defined waist and she has a level topline. Good bend of stifle and moves well. I would have preferred to have more muscle tone to rear quarters but she is obviously getting back in shape from a recent litter and isn’t quite back in the pink. RCC. Open In Show
  2. Ch Castlebar Ring Side Riot. Impressive well balanced bl/ br. Quality feminine head, neatest of ears, dark eye which is set to look straight ahead. Preferred the slightly cleaner lip of 1. Good rib and brisket, well laid shoulder and level topline. Close coupled with good bend of stifle. Would like to see a little more definition in loin though she has good tone to rear quarters.Good angulation to front and rear quarters, moves well holding her topline. Finished off with a correctly carried tail.
  3. Ch Highbourne Flirtacious. Bl/br/wh. Feminine head with distinct stop and good length of muzzle but would prefer a tad more width. Front was straight and well boned. Good mouth, neat rose ear, enough rib and a level topline. Nice outline and moved well. In good condition.

Veteran Bitch

  1. Ch Belleden Arabesque. Super brindle with the sweetest of expressions. Lovely dark round eye, strong muzzle with good mouth. Good rib and level topline. Stood foresquare and moved effortlessly around the ring. Very well put together. One I would have liked to see in her heyday. Veteran In Show
  2. Ch Caybre Lady Gaga. Another in good condition. Bl/br with defined headpiece. Clean muzzle, distinct stop and dark round eye. Rib well sprung leading to light loin. She’s close coupled with strong rear quarters. Preferred the topline and front movement of winner.

Neut Bitch

  1. Ch Reigning Bulls At Jaqov. Bl/br. Nice feminine head with good muzzle strength, neat ear well set and round eye. Well boned straight front on neat feet with no weakness at pasterns. Good tuck up in loin and spring of rib. Level topline and good angulation front and rear. In nice condition but room for improvement in this area as rear quarters could be firmer. Neuter In Show
  2. Ch Neut Ch Kypajuka Disgraceful Habits. Balanced Bl/br with a well defined headpiece with a tad more depth of stop than winner. Lovely dark eye and neat rose ear all help to enhanced her expression. Good front with enough bone to balance and ample rib leading to a defined waist. Just preferred the topline of winner. Well handled.
  3. Sup Ch Belleden Comtesse De La Rouge. Really nice movement on this red Bitch. Decent headshape with round eye and neat rose ear. Straight in front with good bone and enough width to chest. Short neck leading to well laid shoulder. Good spring of rib and correct drop to brisket. Angulation on rear quarters is good but fitness level could be better. Preferred the head and expression of my 2nd place. Very sound Bitch. Handled well.

Jackie Smart



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