The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Of QLD Inc

Sunday August 7th 2016

I would like to thank the dedicated committee of the S.B.TC. of QLD for inviting me, to judge at this wonderful 30th anniversary show, it was a great privilege and a most memorable and enjoyable occasion .

The standard of stewarding was first class, many thanks for making my job easy. I was impressed with the quality of dogs , and how well behaved and well trained they were, the UK could learn from this. Many dogs and bitches here today were shown in tip top condition, coats shining like glass in the sunshine

However there were some mouth problems, with a few exhibits.

I was blown away by the standard of the baby puppy's they were amazing, many will have a promising future.

A big thank you to the exhibitors who accepted my decisions gracefully. I can see how much your dogs mean to you, the love you have for them shines through.


Class 1 Baby Puppy Dog

1st B Shaw. Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon

Most impressive young white dog, correct head shape for one so young, good ear carriage, dark round eyes, clean straight front, neat feet, moved well, very handsome, moved and handled well for one so young.

2nd. Mrs R Bawden. Castlebar in Pursuit

Strong compact puppy, black with white chest, well shaped head, lovely expression, well boned, level topline, lovely coat condition, stood like a statue, moved and presented exceptionally well.

3rd. Wolf & Brown. Anglice Leader of the Gang

Standard white well boned puppy, correct head shape, good front, clean outline, shown well in lovely condition. Just preferred the overall balance of 1st and 2nd

Class 2. Minor Puppy Dog

1st . Paula Hill. Magicmine Irish Whiskey

Black brindle with white blaze on chest, attractive puppy Good head, well muscled strong front, tight feet, well balanced throughout, correct tail carriage, lovely condition, moved and handled well. Happy to award him best Minor puppy in show.

2nd. Mr J, Mrs V& Miss T Rose Swanky The Force Awakens

Black brindle, another strong puppy, level topline, clean front, tidy feet, presented and shown in lovely condition, moved well front and rear, pleasing profile for age, more to come from this lovely young dog.

3rd David Sinnot. Lotastaff Thunderstruck

Black brindle, powerful head, good clean front, deep chest, neat well padded feet, ample bone for age fit condition, shown and handled well.


Class 3. Puppy Dog

1st. Peter Abbott, Gemra Private Collection

Standard black brindle, powerful head shape, keen expression, dark round well placed eyes, correct bite, straight front, short coupled, lovely coat condition, sound movement from both front and rear moved and well presented on the day

2nd MD Darragh& CL Faamita. Usherin im Taking Over

Black brindle, good head, strong underjaw, correct bite, clean head shape, correct depth of stop, round well placed eyes, body matched the head for quality, excellent condition , moved and handled very well.

3rd Hogan,Collinson, D&KEdwards. Sookalott Curiouserncuriouser

Standard brindle dog, lovely head, strong well muscled front, short strong body, good bend of stifle, lovely smooth coat, ears a little untidy, fits the standard well, shown well on the day.

Class 4. Junior Dog

1st D&K Edwards& K Roebig . Sookalott Armed N Red E

Attractive, standard red dog, strong head, neat rose ears, dark eyes, good bite strong black muzzle very flashy white front, tight feet, well laid back shoulders, short coupled good bend of stifle, well tucked up in the loins, moved and presented very well.

2nd A Crosthwaite & A Wolf . Ourgang Pocket Rocket

Black brindle, good head, gorgeous expression, dark appealing eyes, neat ears, correct bite, impressive front and brisket, shown in immaculate coat condition, moved and handled well.

3rd Deborah Elms. Giveawoff Down With Diesel

Very attractive Pied dog, lovely head and expression, tidy ears, clean lips, good front and topline, neat feet, lovely short coat, moved well with plenty of drive.

Class 5 Intermediate dog

Very good class, lovely quality dogs

1st P&S Flentjar. Warbdog Jakuta jak

Impressive, red dog well balanced from all view points, great head and expression, neat rose ears dark round eyes, good stoop, strong jaw, correct bite ,well placed shoulders, strong front soundly constructed body and hind quarters, beautiful coat condition, moved with drive ,shown to his best on the day, caught my eye straight away.

2nd K Lee. CH Usherin Fatal Attraction

Beautiful, pied dog, love his head and expression, neat ears well placed dark eyes, strong jaw, clean lips, correct bite, short muscular neck ,leading into well placed shoulders, clean front, excellent bone, well sprung ribs strong hind quarters, shown in a fit hard condition, moved and presented very well.

3rd Paula Hill. Magicmine Dark and Stormy

Standard, sound black brindle dog, with excellent expression. impressive front neat feet well sprung ribs, short coupled body, level topline, well angulated hind quarters, with well bent stifles, sound movement front and rear ,well balanced throughout, moved and presented well.

Class 9 State bred

Great class, good quality dogs

1st Miss Jana Faithful. Ourknights Sinfully Zany

Eye catching, brindle dog, lovely clean profile, good head, neat ears ,straight strong front with good width ,deep chest, tight feet, good spring of rib short in back with level topline, well set tail carridge, sound in movement, lovely coat condition, well presented. Pleasure to award him best State bred.

2nd Paula Hill. Aust CH Magicmine Dark Knight RN

Black brindle, another lovely standard dog, strong head with distinct stop and pronounced cheek muscles, strong bite, powerful neck, excelling in front and shoulders, level topline, strong driving movement, beautiful shiny coat in good condition, moved and handled well.

3rd C Drury. Beaurite How U Play the Game

Balanced brindle with white front, cracking head shape ,good eye placement, eye catching strong front short compact body, good rib, strong well formed rear, looked well when moving, well presented in good condition.

Class 10 Australian Bred Dog

1st K.Snerling & L. Kavanagh. Strongstorm The Gift

Beautiful standard black brindle dog , caught my eye straight away ,great well proportioned head in balance with good strong body, he as lovely dark eyes, neat rose ears, correct bite, straight front good width tight feet, level topline, strong hind quarters, good set tail, lovely profile, presented and handled well. Pleasure to award him Reserve Dog Challenge.

2nd K Mobbs/Snerling/Kavangh. CH Strongstorm Kingdom Come

Another stunning black brindle dog, loved his keen expression, very handsome, strong head, clean front, well padded feet, strong limbs deep rib and level topline, nice bend of stifle, moved freely , well handled.

3rd L & C Doorackers. Taino So Whats In The Blood

Black brindle dog , lovely head shape , deep skull and stop, well formed cheek muscles , short strong neck ,leading to good clean front, well proportioned body , correct angulated quarters, shown in top condition , moved and presented well.


Class 11 Open dog

1st EG & BT Boatswain. CH Stanbury Strike the Stars

White/red What a handsome fella, loved his gorgeous expression, great head shape, small neat ears lovely, dark round eyes, clean lips, correct scissor bite. clean strong front ,blending smoothly into well laid back shoulders and level topline , strongly built, well constructed hind quarters, correct pump handle tail, moved like a dream well presented. A great example of the breed, this was his day and he deserved it ,was a honour to judge this top class specimen of the breed, a true showman , pleasure to award him best dog and best in show.

2nd Peter Abbott. Sup CH Gemra Jokers Rum

black brindle, beautifully presented in excellent condition. Lovely head , small neat ears , good placed dark round eyes, good depth of muzzle correct bite, good keen expression, lovely front, deep chest, short coupling with well angulated back, moved with strong drive, well handled.

3rd MD Darragh& CL Faamita. Ch Usherin Sacre Bleu

Very handsome white dog, classic shaped head with neat rose ears, lovely dark round eyes, clean tight lips, all making a lovely expression. Powerful front and shoulders level topline good tuck up and good bend of stifle, shown in a fit hard condition, moved and handled excellent.

Class 12 Veteran dog

1st T&VDart. CH Vagastaff I See Red

Beautiful 9 year old dog, fantastic head and expression, small neat ears, dark round appealing eyes, lovely clean front, level topline, good bend of stifle, correct set tail, shown in lovely condition, this lad has still got it, wished I could have seen him when he was younger, a lovely happy character, deserved his award of best veteran in show.

2nd L&C Doorackers. CH Taino Painted Chief

Standard black/white dog, another handsome lad, good head with a lovely keen expression, clean straight front short, compact body, good hind quarters, moved and handled impressively.

3rd Melainie Marks. Ch Tykabul Show Your Colours

Black brindle, attractive looking boy, with good head and expression, lovely dark eyes, straight clean front, neat feet, good topline, shown in a fit condition , moved well.


Class 1A Baby Puppy Bitch

Lovely heart melting class to judge, full of cuteness and quality, loved them all, wish I had a card for each of them .

1st Mr F& Mrs M Coetzer. Zeracious Fire Me Up

Eye catching baby she is absolutely stunning, standard, compact, beautiful head and expression, well boned, straight front, level topline, lovely profile, moved around the ring with confidence, beautiful mahogany brindle colour, wanted to take her home, shows so much promise at this moment in time. A pleasure to award her Best Baby Puppy in show.

2nd SD Brown & SG Brown. Anglice Magic Skye At Night

White/Red Pied pretty girl with good head shape, nice rose ears, dark eyes clean lips, good front, neat feet, short coupling, moved well for a young baby, coat in lovely condition.

3rd SD Brown & SG Ryan. Anglice Hakuna Matata

Beautiful red baby , litter sister to 2nd, good head alert expression, lovely front , deep chest, ample bone, lovely body profile, shown in lovely condition, enjoyed herself on the day.

Class 2A Minor Puppy Bitch

1st L&C Doorackers Taino Dancing Thunder

Quality black brindle, nice feminine head developing well, correct bite, straight front, well padded feet good topline, excellent hind quarters, lovely coat condition, looked good from all angles, moved and presented very well.

2nd A F Litfin & Miss J K M Bligh. Mazali Yo Da One

Lovely quality black brindle, pleasing head, alert expression, good ear placement, good front and correct shoulder placement, level topline, good rib and bend of stifle, good close coat, moved and handled well.

3rd David Sinnott. Lotastaff Lightning Bolt

Attractive black brindle with white chest, lovely clean feminine head, small neat ears, strong jaw, good bite, lovely front, level topline, nice bend of stifle, presented in lovely condition, moved and handled well.

Class 3A Puppy Bitch

1st MD Darragh &CL Faamita. Usherin No End In Sight

Beautifully balanced and attractive young black brindle with lovely white markings, of quality and class has a beautiful head and muzzle, with neat rose ears, dark eyes that display a feminine expression. Well balanced throughout, is a real one to catch the eye in any competition, she moved well and was well presented on the day. A well shown bitch was a pleasure to award her Best Puppy In Show.

2nd B Shaw. Belleden Sweet Red Dreamer

Beautiful red, classy girl, stunning expression, dark round eyes. Head, muzzle and bite of top quality, well formed body of correct substance for age, short coat in lovely condition, sound in movement, and very well presented.

3rd David Sinnott. Lotastaff Crazy Daisy

Another nice black brindle bitch, white front, good head with nice dark eyes, good tight lips, correct bite, strong front, well developed in body and sound in quarters, moved and handled well on the day.

Class 4A Junior Bitch

1st Mrs R Bawden. Castlebar Raise The Roof

A most pleasing black brindle bitch to go over, she has a most attractive strong but feminine head, with dark eyes, neat ears and a good bite. Good clean front, level topline, and well angulated hind quarters, correct tail set. A top class well-balanced bitch , fits the standard well, presented in a tip top condition, excellent movement, very well handled, pleased to award her Best Junior In Show.

2nd A & A C Holman Borolo Goody Two Shoes

Standard, black brindle with white chest, lovely head and keen expression, neat ears, good mouth, excellent clean front and deep chest, level topline, nice rib, short coupled, good bend of stifle, shown in lovely condition, moved and presented well.

3rd R &J Haley. Lachon SSSSSSmokin

Black brindle of good quality classic head shape, neat rose ears, straight front, ample bone, well sprung ribs, well constructed hind quarters, shown in good condition ,moved and handled well.

Class 5A Intermediate Bitch

1st Ms D&K Edwards CH Sookalott Eternal Flame

Very Attractive pied bitch, correct head shape with appealing dark eyes, and feminine expression. Soundly constructed and well balanced from all view points, excelling in front and shoulders, good topline, short coupled, well bent stifles, well set tail, moved with drive from her well angulated hindquarters. So much to like about her, presented in lovely condition, her quality's gave her Best Intermediate In Show and Reserve Challenge Bitch.

2nd Andrew Ireland. Neworder Heart Beat

Standard black brindle, white chest, very eye catching feminine bitch, beautiful head and expression, neat ears, dark eyes ,strong muzzle and lovely bite, lovely front, plenty of bone, good level topline, well balanced bitch with sound movement, shown in excellent condition , presented and handled well.

3rd Paula Hill. Magicmine Indian Dreamer

Black brindle of top quality and good overall balance, excellent head shape, neat ears, good bite, straight front, deep chest, good topline, short in body, strong hindquarters, presented in a fit condition, moved and presented well.

Class 9A State Bred

1st P.Hill Aust CH Magicmine My TYS Angel CCD CDX RE JD

Black Brindle, in excellent condition throughout, well defined head shape, dark round eyes, good bite neat ears, giving a very appealing expression, straight front, neat feet, good depth of brisket, well sprung rib cage, nice tail set, well balanced throughout, fits the standard well, shown and very well handled.

2nd K.Roebig Ch Pitford Seven Deadly Sins

Quality black brindle, good feminine head with alert expression, dark eyes clean tight lips, excellent front, solid defined body, strong hind quarters shown in a fit condition, lovely clean profile, moved freely with drive, very well handled.

3rd B.Shaw Belleden Kahlau Kisses

Lovely brindle bitch, beautiful eye catching head, lovely expression, strong clean front, level topline, short coupled body, tapering into strong hindquarters, lovely short coat in good condition, well balanced from all view points, moved and presented well.

Class 10A Australian Bred Bitch

1st K.Lee Usherin I Shall Not Surrender

Lovely brindle, balanced strong feminine bitch, good head shape with distinct stop and alert expression, dark eyes, strong chest with good depth of brisket and great spring of rib, good rear with well muscled quarters, correctly set tail, lovely overall shape and profile fits the standard well with a beautiful short shiny coat, moved with drive and purpose, very well presented and handled well, a great pleasure to award her Best Australian Bred in Show.

2nd Mrs Bawden Castlebar Ring Side Riot

Black brindle fits the standard well, a most pleasing bitch to go over, strong and powerful yet feminine ,a beautiful head complimented by lovely dark eyes and neat rose ears, correct bite straight strong front, good level topline and well angulated hind quarters, she is a well balanced bitch with sound movement handled and presented very well.

3rd R&J Haley Bullrustin Hidden Decision

Black brindle of good quality, Great feminine expression, very alert, well shaped head, dark eyes, clean front with good width of chest, shoulders well laid back, good spring of rib, good strong muscled backend, nice bend of stifle shown in a fit hard condition, moved and handled well on the day.

Class 11A Open Bitch

Top quality class, heart breaking decisions' had to be made, not enough ribbons to go around.

1st B Shaw CH Canakey Sweet Dreamer (IMP UK)

Very attractive, eye catching bitch, gorgeous head with lovely feminine expression, neat ears, dark round eyes, good strength of muzzle and jaw, correct bite tight lips, strong neck leading, into quality front, deep chest, well padded tight feet, strong hind quarters, excellent tail set, correct flowing movement , she is blessed with many good virtues with a lovely profile, a true example of the breed, quality throughout, truly deserved Challenge bitch and Reserve in Show .

2nd Frances J Strover CH Westrova Flirt in A Skirt

White/Black pied . Quality well balanced bitch, lovely head, alert expression, well placed neat ears ,dark eyes, attractive head marking, clean straight front good rib and tuck up, level topline ,strong rear, good bone stood four square, moved with drive, shown in good condition, presented and handled well.

3rd Mrs Bawden Castlebar Pretty Little Liar

Very impressive young lady, head in balance with a soundly constructed body, well placed small ears, dark eyes with a good expression, very clean well muscled front, well boned, tight feet, level topline, good bend of stifle, lovely movement, very well presented, deserves a promising future ahead.

Class 12A Veteran Bitch

1st B Shaw CH Belleden Arabsque

Brindle age 7years,classic head shape, ears, eyes, and expression of top quality, lovely front, good level topline, strong well muscled hind quarters, a top class bitch her qualities that gained her title are still evident, presented in excellent condition, moved and handled very well.

2nd K Roebig CH Onfire Final Fling

Black brindle , 9 years, presented in a very good condition, lovely feminine head and expression, dark eyes ,strong neck and chest, level topline, soundly constructed throughout, still looking good for her age, very worthy of her title, handled well on the day.

3rd T Ross, S Avery, J&V Ross Aust Supreme CH Swanky Quite Qualified

White pied 9 years, loved this girls expression, would have loved to have seen her in her younger days pleasing head shape, lovely dark eyes, tight clean lips, still has a lovely body shape and topline was a pleasure to go over her, sufficient movement , handled well, another worthy champion.

Class 18 Neuter Dog

1st P J & J M Walsh CH Neut CH Kypajuka Violent Demise

Most eye catching brindle dog, well proportioned head, with a keen expression, neat ears good dark round eyes, straight clean front ,well muscled hind quarters, kept his level topline on the move, good tail carridge, short shiny coat, moved and handled well, pleasure to award him Best Neuter in Show.

2nd A Cresswell & H Strand Nuet CH Magicmine Dark Assassin

Black brindle, powerful in both head and body, great alert expression, with dark eyes, strong clean front, leading into a well muscled body ,moved well from his strong angulated hind quarters, handled very well , just preferred the ears of 1st place, Reserve Neuter Dog Challenge.

Class 18A Neuter Bitch

1st Deborah Elms Giveawoff Black Rose

Attractive black brindle, soundly balanced and well constructed with a good head and lovely expression contributed well with her lovely dark eyes, well shaped muzzle with neat rose ears and with strong neck blending admirably into a level top line and short back, lovely tail carridge, short in coupling , well boned with well angulated hind quarters, moved and handled well. Neuter bitch Challenge.

2nd Melanie Marks Staffdup Crazy Diamond

Very pretty brindle bitch, loved her lovely expression and appealing eyes, good strong white front, well laid back shoulders and level topline, good bend of stifle, sound in movement, handled well. Reserve Neuter Bitch Challenge.

3rd Paula Hill Aust/Neut Ch Magicmine Black Ice CCD CDX RE AD JD

Brindle, lovely feminine head and expression, dark round eyes, sound front ,well sprung ribs, level topline, good tuck up, well angulated rear, well muscled hind quarters and well presented, moved well.

Judge - Mrs Susan Chesters


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