Saturday 10th August 2013

Mrs G McDermott (Macadermus UK) - Classes 1,1A,2,2A,3,3A

Mrs G Skelly ( Skellstaff UK) - Classes - 4,4A,5,5A,9,9A,10,10A,11,11A,12,12A

General Specials Judge - Mrs G Skelly

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Mrs G McDermott (Macadermus UK) - Classes 1,1A,2,2A,3,3A


Baby Puppy Dog [12,1ab]
1st Swanky The Enforcer
2nd Swanky Heavily Armed [AI]
3rd Toplace Swagger Jagger
4th Justaffied So Dam Poetic [AI]
5th Pepstaff Bad Kid

Minor Puppy Dog [7,0ab]
1st Pitford Master O Puppet
2nd Moonglade Mr Crossguns [IID USA]
3rd Taino So Wots In The Blood
4th Stifupalip Kungfupanda
5th Jaqov Barbed Wire

Puppy Dog [5,1ab]
1st Castlebar Weapon Of Choice
2nd Bomchassa Solar Eclipse
3rd Jaqov Breaking Point

Baby Puppy Bitch [11,1ab]
1st Swanky Most Wanted [AI]
2nd Joden Cherry Bomb
3rd Sookalott Alice In Wonderland
4th Syranstaff sweet Desire
5th Pranksta wickedly Gorgeous

Minor Puppy Bitch [8,0ab]
1st Stifupalip Sweet As Bonbons
2nd Brohez Quite A Box Of Tricks[ AI]
3rd Moonglade Crossguns N Roses [IID USA]
4th Stifupalip Flaimin Tara
5th Moonglade American Beauty [IID USA]

Puppy Bitch [10,0ab]
1st Zeracious Up To Scratch
2nd Bxact Wicked Temptation
3rd Swanky Back In The Groove
4th Verysharp She Wolf In Disguise
5th Bxact Dance Ofthe Dark Temptress

Mrs G Skelly ( Skellstaff UK) - Classes - 4,4A,5,5A,9,9A,10,10A,11,11A,12,12A

Junior Dog [13,2ab]
1st Ch Belleden The High King
2nd Lotsastaff Emperor Strikes Back
3rd Sookalot The Heartbreaker
4th Starshiraz Fire Cracker
5th Usherin Read Between The Lines

Intermediate Dog [13,4ab]
1st Ch Mosstrooper Memphis Slim
2nd Satori Counter strike
3rd Stanbury Strike The Stars
4th Ch Brohez Black Soprano
5th Cadarnan Shogun

State Bred Dog [9,1ab]
1st Ourknights Crimson Tides
2nd Magicmine Flamin Thunder
3rd Gemra Hard Wired
4th Costalot Captain Jack Sparrow
5th Willowra Hugo Boss

Australian Bred Dog [10,0ab]
1st Ch Castlebar The Confederate
2nd Magicmine A Pot Of Black CDX CCD RA
3rd Vanstaff Powerbilt
4th Kimerry Sinful Whisper
5th Chivac Raise The Roof

Open Dog [21,1ab]
1st Starshiraz The Hustler
2nd Ch Dreamcatcher Hes Contagious
3rd Ch Castlebar Rise N Shine
4th Ch Dreamcatcher Aleague Ofhisown
5th Ch Saxxon Razors Edge

Veteran Dog [4,1ab]
1st Sup Ch Belleden Sunstone
2nd Ch Stoneheart Tom Foolery
3rd Bkool Space Cadet

Challenge Dog - Starshiraz The Hustler
Reserve Challenge Dog - Ch Dreamcatcher Hes Contagious

Junior Bitch [17,5ab]
1st Starshiraz Demis Rose
2nd Usherin I shall Not Surrender
3rd Usherin One Life One Chance
4th Sookalot From The Heart
5th Pepstaff Poker Face

Intermediate Bitch [24,4ab]
1st Kimerry Careless Whisper
2nd Highbourne Hello Gorgeous
3rd Magicmine My Tys Angel CCD CDX RN
4th Lilrock Da Devil N disguise

State Bred Bitch [12,2ab]
1st Blackshot Thunder Alley
2nd Beaurite Wicked Game
3rd Lotastaff Izadorablle
4th Ourknights Got The London Look
5th Magicmine Black Ice CCD CDX RA

Australian Bred Bitch [17,5ab]
1st Pickaxe Red Temptress
2nd Bullrustin Hidden Decision [AI]
3rd Ch Caybre Lady Gaga
4th Sup Ch Belleden Comtesse De La Rouge
5th Dreamcatcher Its Not About Him

Open Bitch [16,0ab]
1st Ch Swanky With A Bang
2nd Staffhaus Love N Faithfulness
3rd Reewen Whendee Woo
4th Ch Brohez Black Art
5th Ch Belleden Arabesque

Veteran Bitch [1,0ab]
1st Ch Joden Temptress

Challenge Bitch Starshiraz Demis Rose
Reserve Challenge Bitch Ch Swanky With A Bang

Best in Show and Open in Show Starshiraz The Hustler
Runner Up Best in Show & Best Junior in Show Starshiraz Demis Rose


Baby in Show - Swanky The Enforcer

Minor Puppy in Show - Pitford Master O Puppet

Puppy in Show - Castlebar Weapon Of Choice

Intermediate in Show - Ch Mosstrooper Memphis Slim

State Bred in Show - Blackshot Thunder Alley

Australian Bred in Show -Ch Castlebar The Confederate

Veteran in Show - Supreme Ch Belleden Sunstone

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