JUDGE Mrs Gill McDermott [Macadermus] - Classes 1,1A,2,2A,3,3A


Please can I thank the committee for the invitation to judge at your club, and the exhibitors for their entries it was a pleasure to judge, the over all quality of both dogs and bitches were an attribute to their owners and handler, the presentation and condition of the both dogs and bitches was outstanding, even in the baby classes, many hours spent with these puppies is now paying back 10 fold, the future looks bright for them.



1st Ross/Avery Swanky the Enforcer

b/b head clean and not over done, neat ears, good stop, lots of expression, straight front, has a promising future, moved and handled well


2nd Ross/Avery Swanky Heavily Armed

b/b litter brother to the first place, not a lot between them, just preferred

1 to the second, nice head and ears with stop well defined, good in front, again moved well.

3rd Laceys Toplace Swagger Jagger

b/b nice head shape with good stop, neat ears placement, nice in front and again lots of ring presence moved and handled well in the ring




1ST Roebig/OfBriens Pitford Master O Puppets

b/b nicly balanced dog for age, typical head shape with lots of expression, correctly placed ears, good bit and depth in muzzle with good underjaw, nice front wide apart, short coupled and bend of stifle, held topline when moved


2nd Peek Moonglade Mr Crossguns [id usa]

b/b board skull near ears and good stop, correct bite with good underjaw, straight in front and nice well padded feet, short coupled and bend of stifle, moved and handled well


3rd L&C Doorackers Taino so Wots in the Blood [A1]

B/B nice head shape and neat ears, correct bite and good pigmentation, defined stop and depth to muzzle, straight front and wide apart, short coupled and bend of stifle held topline when moved




1st Bawden Castlebar Weapon of Choice

b/b lots of expression and ring presence, board skull and nicely placed ears, distinct stop, correct bite and good underjaw and depth to muzzle, dark eyes, wide in front and straight, good padded feet, brisket deep and spring of rib short coupled and good rear angulations with well let down hocks, nice topline when moved


2nd Corbett/Evans Bomchassa Solar Eclipse

b/b good head with correct bite, and a dark eye, good stop, straight front and short coupled, well sprung ribs, nice padded feet, with good bend of stifle, maintaining topline when moved.


3rd Bowman Jaqov Breaking Point

B/W board skull, with neat ears, defined stop, good pigmentation correct bite, nice underjaw, well sprung ribs, short coupled, and bend of stifle, moved well round the ring holding topline.




1st Ross/Avery Swanky Most Wanted [AI]

B/B what a sweetie, nice head and ear placement, distinct stop, short coupled lots of expression, good in front, clean outline, moved round the ring freely, I gave her litter brother 1 in baby dog class


2nd Joden Cherry Bomb

B/b broad skull and neat ears defined stop, showing expression, straight in front, short coupled and bend in stifle another that moved very well round the ring.


3rd Sommerville Sookalott Alice in Wonderland

b/b lots of expression and nice head shape, dark eyes and distinct stop, good in front and short coupled, good bend in stifle, moved and handled well, all of these baby bitches have a bright future ahead of then.




1ST Peek Moonglade Twice as Nice

A puppy with a good future, classic head shape, good expression, with a nice stop, plenty of underjaw and correct bite nicely placed ears, front straight, short in back and closely coupled, giving a clean outline, held topline when moved


2nd McBride Brohez Quite a Box of Tricks

B/b lovely head clean and not over done, correct bite and ear placement, lots of expression straight in front, short coupled and bend of stifle moved and handled well.


3rd Peek Moonglade Crossguns N Roses[IID USA]

From the same kennel as 1st place, nice expression, clean head and correct bite, plenty of underjaw and dark eyes, front straight and closely coupled, and nice bend in stifle held topline when moved.




1st Coetzer Zerecious Up to Scratch

Great expression and classic head shape, distinct stop, near ears and good underjaw, correct bite, front wide and lots of bone, short couples and bend of stifle, in good coat condition held topline when moved


2nd Roebig Bxact Wicked Temptation

Lovely bitch with lot of expression, correct bite with neat ears, and a dark eye, good underjaw,plenty of bone in front and short coupled nice angulation in rear and well bend stifle, moved well in the ring.


3rd Ross Swanky back in the Groove

B/b broad skull and distinct stop, good pigmentation and neat ears, correct bite keen expression, straight in front and wide apart, closely coupled with good topline and bend of stifle, a good mover round the ring.




Classes - 4,4A,5,5A,9,9A,10,10A,11,11A,12,12A and General Specials

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this prestigious and very well run Breed speciality show, it was a great pleasure to judge on the two days on my second visit to Australia, the last time being 2007. I was amazed that the exhibitors travelled vast distances to attend the show. . Thank you to exhibitors for the very good entry of 211. 161 on the Saturday with Dog classes Junior, Intermediate, State Bred, Australian Bred, Open & Veteran. Bitch Classes Junior, Intermediate, State Bred, Australian Bred, Open & Veteran.

On Sunday 11th August entry of 50 for dog classes Baby dog, Minor Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog. Bitch classes Baby puppy Bitch, Minor Puppy Bitch, Puppy Bitch. It was nice the sporting way in which you took my decisions. It was also nice to hear the applause and cheers when each class had the winners placed. The quality of all the dogs and bitches under me was very good. In some classes there was very little between decisions.

JUNIOR DOG (13 entries 1 absent)

1st A Shaw’s CH Belleden The High King

1year 5 months old Red & White dog Powerful headed Strong muzzle, deep stop, good mouth and ear carriage, deep brisket, short coupling, bent stifle, plenty bone and rib, correct tail carriage, moved well, a credit to his owner.

Please to award Best opposite Junior in Show

2nd L Boyle’s Lotastaff Emperor Strikes Back

1 year 3 month old Black Brindle and White. Well balanced body is very compact, neat rose ears, good cheek muscles, scissor bite, define stop, well off for rib, level top line, moved well.

3rd D & K Edwards’s Sookalott The Heartbreaker

1 year 3 months old. Another black brindle. Strong head with defined stop, good ear carriage, typical expression, good strength to muzzle, ample bone, good condition, moved and handled well.

INTERMEDIATE DOG (13 entries 4 absent)

1st Avery/Consadine’s CH Mosstrooper Memphis Slim

Brindle with white markings, nice shaped strong head with deep stop, strong muzzle, scissor bite, ampled bone legs with well padded feet, deep brisket, good top line, bent stifles, moved and handled well.

Pleased to award him Best Intermediate in Show.

2nd T Willmers’s Satori Counter Strike

Black with white markings, another strong headed dog set off with neat rose ears deep stop nice scissor bite, mice shoulder placement. Strong bone, deep brisket, nice rib, good top line, bent stifle, correct pump handled tail, moved well.

3rd I & L Stanley’s Stanbury Strike the Stars

Pied with red markings, nice head shape which was deep through, nice ears, good muzzle, nice bite ,ample bone and rib, deep brisket ,nice top line pump handle tail, moved well.

STATE BRED DOG (9 entries 1 absent)

1st J Faithful’s Ourknights Crimson Tides

Red & White, Another good specium of the breed, excellent shaped head with well placed ears round dark eye, defined stop, strong under jaw with correct bite, well padded feet, stifle well angulated, correct tail carriage, nice well boned front, good top line, moved very well.

Please to award him Best opposite State Bred in Show

2nd T McCrea’s Magicmine Flaming Thunder

Black Brindle, head of correct proportion, good ear placement, round well placed dark eye, ample under jaw, good front and feet, nice length to coupling ,lightness of loin, stifle well bent, good rib, moved well.

3rd M McFadzen/ P Abbott’s Gemra Hard Wire

Red & white, Correct proportioned head with well placed ears, round eye shape, deep through skull with correct bite, good legs and feet, nice front, good quarters, moved well.

AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG (10 entries 0 absent)

1st R Bawden’s CH Castlebar The Confenerate

Black & White, well balanced body which is very compacted, well shaped head which was broad and deep set off with neat ears good cheek muscles, scissor bite, defined stop, straight well boned front and legs, well off for rib, shiny coat, level top line kept on the move, moved and handle well, a credit to his owner.

Pleased to award him Best Australian Bred in Show

2nd P Hill’s Magicmine A Pot of Black CDX CCD RA

Dark Brindle, Neat head giving typical expression, good strength to muzzle, good front and brisket, ample bone, short back, nice bend to stifle, good condition, moved and handled well.

3rd C & V Van Klee’s Vanstaff Powerbilt

Black, strong head with defined stop, neat ears and dark eye, good strength to muzzle with deep stop, good front and deep brisket, short coupling, bent stifle, moved OK.

OPEN DOG (21 entries 1 absent)

1st R & A Lunn’s Starshiraz The Hustler

Red & White, Strong headed which had broad skull which was powerful, very deep stop , strong under jaw, excellent bite with large white teeth, round dark eye, rose ears well set and carried well, good expression, nice cheek muscles, well boned front with deep brisket, lovely short back,, nice tuck up, well sprung ribs, good length to coupling, level top line, well padded feet, well angulated stifle, strong hind quarters with correct pump handled tail, standing fore square, Moved and handled very well. A credit to his breeder/owner.

Pleased to award him Dog C C, Best in Show, Best Open in Show

2nd Carroll/Darragh’s CH Dreamcatcher Hes Contagious

Black, Excellent specimen has short blunt muzzle with correct bite. Strong under jaw, strong neck, close coupling, nice tuck up, bent stifle, very close decision between 1st and 2nd, moved well.

Please to award him Res C C

3rd R Bawden’s CH Castlebar Rise N Shine

Dar brindle & White, Broad Skulled head with defined stop, rose ears, dark eye, ample boned front, good brisket, short coupling, strong hind quarters, moved well.

VETERAN DOG (4 entries 1 absent)

1st P Shaw’s Supreme CH Belleden Sun stone

8years 2 months old, Red & White, in hard condition for one of this age, powerful head set off with round dark eye and rose ears, ample stop, nice bite, well bent stifle, short coupling, moved well.

Please to award him Best Veteran in Show.

2nd A & D Payne’s CH Stoneheart Tom Foolery

8 years 1 ½ months , Brindle & white, Nice head shape with correct placed rose ears, ample stop, good bite, ample stop, strong front with nice deep brisket, well boned legs, bent stifle, moved well.

3rd R Davis’s Bkool Space Cadet

8 years 11 ½ months Red & White, in excellent condition for his age, strong shaped head, well placed ears, scissor bite, nice front, good spring of rib, good top line moved well.

JUNIOR BITCH (21 entries 5 absent)

1st R J & A L Lunn’s Starshiraz Demis Rose

Red & White 1 year ½ month old. Head which was feminine but strong, head set off with rose ears well placed, round dark eye, strong muzzle, good under jaw, scissor bite, muscular neck, brisket very deep ,nice barrel rib, nice tuck up, short coupling, well padded feet, level top line, standing fore square, pump handled tail, in hard condition, she look the part. One I would have taken home.

Pleased to award her Bitch C C, Best Junior in Show and Res Best in Show.

2nd M D & C D Darragh’s Usherein I Shall not Surrender

Brindle and White 1 year 5 months old compact body typical head shape, neat tidy ears, clean bite, well boned front & legs which was straight, level top lone, moved and handled very well.

3rd M D & C D Darragh’s Usherin One Life One Chance

Litter sister to 2nd Brindle & White 1 year 5 months. Nice head shape with rose ears, dark eye, clean bite, good front, feet was well padded, bent stifle, level top line, moved well.

INTERMEDIATE BITCH (24 ENTRIES 2 Been moved to Open 4 absent

1st J Faithful Kimerry Careless Whispers

Dark Brindle, Very good bitch, nice shaped body, good head with neat ears & round dark eye, Good bite, short neck, right bend to stifle, stood well, moved and handled well.

Please to award her Best Opposite Intermediate in Show

2nd A & W Clewley’s Highbourne Hello Gorgeous

Brindle & White bitch, Feminine head set off with rose ears & dark eye, scirror bite, well boned legs, tight padded feet, good rib of rib, good top line, short coupling, bent stifle, moved well.

3rdP Hills’s Magicmine My Tys Angel (CCD CDX RN)

Brindle Bitch, Head feminine not as strong as 1st and 2nd, ampled boned front and legs, light in loin, bent stidle, short coupling, moved OK.


1ST Smid/hughes’s Blackshot Thunder Alley

Red & White Bitch, Standard size bitch who had nice head shape, well boned front and legs, nice blend of bull and terrier, tidy ears, clean bite, ample rib, in good condition, moved well.

Pleased to award her Best state Bred in Show.

2nd C Drury’s Beaurite Wicked Game

Brindle & White Bitch. Nice gleam to coat, clean scissor bite, rose ears, nice head shape, brisket that was deep. Good shaped ribs, bent stifle. Moved well.

3rd D Sinnott’s Lotastaff Izadorabelle

Brindle Bitch. Standard size bitch who has a good shape to her head with tidy ears, scissor bite, nice shape to ribs, in good condition, moved well


1ST k A Lee’s Pickaxe Red Temptress

Red & White Bitch. Strong headed with short muzzle & good stop, dark eye, good bite, well sprung ribs, short coupling, nice front & feet, moved well.

Pleased to award her Best opposite Australian Bred in Show.

2nd K Hudson’s Bullrustin Hidden Decision (A1)

Brindle Bitch. Good shaped body with good conditioned coat, nice head shape with rose ears and round eye, scissor bite, bent stifle. Moved OK

3rd Horley/Osborne’s CH Caybre Lady Gaga

Dark brindle Bitch. Typical feminine head shape set off with neat ears, clean bite, nice front, well padded feet, well bent stifle, level Top line, moved well.

OPEN BITCH (16 ENTIES PLUS 2 from intermediate bitch total 18 2 absent)

1st J V & T CH Swanky With a Bang

Brindle Bitch. Head was feminine but strong, nice round dark eye, head cset off with rose ears which was well placed, strong muzzle with correct scissor bite and deep stop, muscular neck, brisket which was deep, nice tuck up. Short coupling, well padded feet, level top line, in hard condition, moved OK.

Pleased to award her Bitch Res C C and Best opposite open in Show.


1ST K Roebig’s CH Joden Temptress

Dark Brindle Bitch. 7years 8 months old. Retaining her head shape which was set off with neat ears and round dark eye, good size bite, well off for bone, short coupled. A credit to her owner.


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