SUNDAY 14th August 2011




Firstly, I would like to thank the committee of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland for the opportunity to judge at their 25th Anniversary Show, it was an honour to do so and with a record entry it made for a memorable day.


I would like to thank my hosts, Julana Akers and Brett Shaw for opening their house to me and in particular to Connor Shaw for giving up his bed for me, Also the girls from TAK for their help with photos I must have been a pain to them. And finally to all the exhibitors who took my decisions in a sporting manner, I hope to come back soon and hope that I will see some of you over in the UK to see what we have and compare it to what you have there.


The quality of Staffords entered was of a high standard and a few would challenge for top honours In the UK. I found the handling of the exhibits to be of a standard that left a lot to be desired. I find the use of bait for the dog to be more of a distraction and does not give the judge a true view of the dogs back end as opposed to when stacked.


I said after I judged that the future is bright in Australia with the quality of the bitches, an old guy who was my mentor when I came into the breed told me that you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear, I feel you already have some nice silk purses and with the right choice of stud dogs, the Australian Staffords could easily be sort after around the world.


All my principle winners had good heads, correct bites, good ears and eyes, good straight fronts, good spring of rib with good back ends, all moved and handled well


Baby Puppy Dog 

This is a class that we don’t have in the UK and is hard to judge if I were to be honest I would rather just generalise on the babies I think my first 3 in this class have really big futures in the ring  

1st Longs Tykabul This Boys On Fire - At 5 months old this brindle with white chest has a lot going for him nice shaped head with good ears straight front good bone enough rib handled well 

2nd Bawden’s Castlebar Rise N Shine (AI) - Black brindle who has all the same attributes as the 1st he has a look that I remember from the Black Tusker dogs that I saw in the ring and used at stud nice head ears well boned front handled well 

3rd Roebig Bxact The Player - Loved the colour of this boy the youngest of the 3 really nice shaped head neat ears good straight front enough bone for his age handled well

Minor Puppy Dog

Temple’s Xamik Wolverine - Beautiful deep red who is one of the few dogs that I would take home with me he all the potential to become a truly magnificent dog punishing head with neat ears strong looking front with enough bone for his frame good shoulder placement good spring of rib nice back end kept his level top line when on the move stood out in this class the competition started with 2nd today he is a natural who has a bright future ahead of him 

2nd Chivers Chivac Raise The Roof - Another red who today was out classed by the winner although he is a really nice dog and has a lot of quality about him to like today he was giving to much away due to his age good head nice ears nice straight front and good bone nice rib and backend still very much a baby 

3rd Chivers Chivac Muzzbe Mine - Red pied dog litter brother to 2nd I could write all the same things about this dog as I did about 2nd but it wont change the outcome today he was just beaten by his brother on his front seemed a little lose I am sure that will come right over the next few months as he matures


Puppy Dog

1st Bowering’s Britishpride The Duke - Almost 11 month black brindle dog who took this class at a canter has a lot of style that will I feel be more evident as he matures he showed today as if he was an open class dog has all the promise of being a top quality Stafford good head shape straight front with ample bone nice shoulder placement good spring of rib and nice backend moved and handled well

2nd Long’s Jamiliahs Mister Wobbley (IMP  UK) - 11 and a half month old red dog who not as compact as 1st but still a nice puppy has a lot to do yet but I am sure will get there nice head with good ears straight front enough bone good shoulders nice rib moved and handled well

3rd Faithful’s Ourknights Valentino Di Amore - 10 and a half month old brindle dog with white marking on chest slightly more rangier than 1 and 2 but nice head ears straight front with enough bone for his frame nice rib good backend moved and handled well 

All the puppy dogs will change over the next few months and the 3 puppy dogs will compete against each other for the next few years’ todays placings may change as they grow 

Junior Dog

1st Kelly’s Ch Waurstafford Galaxy Rider - Pied dog of great strength who stood out in this class great head piece neat ears strong broad front with enough bone to carry his frame powerful neck that flows into good shoulders good spring of rib and strong back end this dog is handled to perfection by his handler who almost became as one when in the ring they made it easy for me to give them this class almost let my heart rule my head about this dog at the final decision

2nd Lacey’s Orazz Fidels Ad Mortom - Black brindle dog who at just over 12 months is giving a lot away but still a nice dog for his age good head neat ears good straight front with good bone which supported his nicely placed shoulders good rib and backend this young dog will blossom into a really good Stafford he already has good quality would like to see him in a few more months when things could change

3rd Smid & Hughes Warmaster Take A Shot (IMP NZ) - Another pied dog who today was out gunned by the first 2 dogs a little less substance than them but still a Stafford that needed to be considered had all the requirements that we should look for in our breed moved and handled well      

Intermediate Dog

1st Douglas Willowra Hugo Boss - White dog with black brindle marking on his head Another dog who you have to go over to appreciate he was put down in very hard condition his front is a picture of both strength and agility he looked as if he could spring into action as a click of your finger this dog has a deceptive class about him enough of everything that you may desire in a Stafford all the parts fitted together well, unlucky today but think it wont be long before this dog has a title in front of his name

2nd McFadzen & Abbotts Gemra Hard Wired - Red dog who was beaten today on the overall conditioning of the 1st dog this fella is a beautiful dog who when viewing from the front with his ears up and alert almost telling you to pick him this dog was very unlucky to meet the winner today who just edged him out moved and handled well

3rd Sharpe & Poelstra’s Awstruk Valliant Digger (AI) - Black brindle dog who has some of the same qualities as the 2 dog in front of him I feel like I am repeating myself but this dog was really unlucky today he is a good Stafford with good head ears straight front and enough bone moved and handled well


State Bred Dog

1st Dart’s Ch Vagastaff I See Red - I saw red today This fella looks like the type of dog we had back in the 80s brought back good memories for he reminded me of the Staffords that the Lancstaff kennels bred nicely headed dog neatly placed ears straight front with ample bone good rib and back end would have like a little more concentration when it came to the handling moved well

2nd Abbott’s Gemra Jokers Rum - strong looking black brindle with white chest strong dog with enough bone to share out nice punishing head with nicely placed ears good spring of rib and back end unlucky to meet 1st today moved a handled well

3rd Sinnott’s Lotastaff The Red Emperor - Another good red dog who was of a similar style to the winner had a lot of good points but was a little out classed today nice type of dog who could change places with 1st and 2nd on another day moved and handled well 

Australian Bred Dog

1st Steele’s Ch Hellfyre Glacial Storm - As his name gives it away a white dog who on first glance is a nice dog but when your hands go over him he is more than just a nice dog he is a great dog his head is set off by nice rose ears good strong neck that flows into nicely placed shoulders and then on to a short back and nice backend moved and handled well

2nd Heselden’s Ch Wiltshire Just Cruzin - This is a black version of 1st its only now I read the catalogue that I see these 2 are half bothers and the quality of the winner is in this dog unlucky to meet him today he won the class on having a little more spark today

3rd Lane & Connolly’s Lanvilla Smooth Criminal - Another Black brindle who today lost out to 1st & 2nd by the shortest of margins this was a case where handling could have made a difference has most of the same qualities but needs to put them out on show a little effort in this department will make a huge difference


Open Dog

1st Frazer’s Ch Highbourne Dancing Brave - This dog caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring he has great ring presence and demands the attention that he deserves his headpiece is a work of Stafford art classically sculptured with ears that set of a complete image of menace he has a strength that flows from his head through to his tail without being overdone he fits the standard as close as I have seen in a long time moved with plenty of drive handled with confidence that brought out the best of the dog this one would do very well in the UK - Best Dog

2nd Birkeland’s Ch Jamelkur Street Lethal - similar to winner with a lot of the same qualities, like the 1st dog he is strong in all departments with good substance throughout and a keen expression with his ears setting off a great frontal picture move and handled well - Res Best Dog

3rd O’Brien’s UK CH Tillcarr Pyroteknic (JW)( IMP UK) - another really nice dog had the chance to judge him back in the UK a few years ago that day he got a 3rd as he has today still a quality dog who can compete with the best anywhere in the world today he was beaten by 2 dogs at the top of their game   

Vet Dog

1st Osborne’s Ch Tuskstock It Wasn’t Me - 9 and a half year old brindle dog who looked like he could have competed in classes for younger dogs still in very good shape and only for his teeth could have been mistaken for a dog half his age still a strong looking fella who moved with good drive 

2nd Clarke’s Ch Celsuz Red Baron - 7 and half year old red who had similar traits as 1st still has a strong look about him again he could have competed  in earlier classes unlucky to meet the winner these 2 dogs are a credit to both owners and breeders



Baby Puppy Bitch

1st Elm’s Alangrove Paint The Town Red - As her name implies a red bitch of 4 months Nice type of puppy pleasing head with tidy ears good strong front good rib and back end This young lady gave an impression of strength she was handled and moved well

2nd Daucik Missd Takeapic Lastlonga - Another red bitch slightly older than 1st and lighter in almost all departments still has similar traits as 1st straight front good rib and backend handled well   

3rd Tjerkstra Bomchassa Misstique - 4-month-old black brindle nice feminine head tidy ears straight front with enough bone nice outline to this youngster who today was a little unlucky to meet the first 2


Minor Puppy Bitch

1st O’Brien’s Pitford Seven Deadly Sins - This girl is quality in the making at almost 9 months she must have a big future in front of her she has got what it take to go to the very top she has a look of devilment in her eyes if she is a deadly sin she is one I would commit on a regular basis all her parts fit together so well with very clean outlines she was difficult to ignore I would have brought this one home 

2nd Walsh’s Kypajuka Disgraceful Habits - At 7 and a half months this lady could be another challenger for top honours with similar qualities to 1st she was piped at the post on the winner being a little cleaner when viewed from the side  these 2 will do battle for a long time   

3rd Temple’s Xamrik Rogue - red pied bitch who has a lot of good points although today she came up against 2 others who had the edge on her she has all the same attributes of the first two but was out gunned today

Puppy Bitch

1stMcBride’s - Brohez Black Art - This is another that I would take home she has a quality about her that shouts out at you here I am she stood out today as one that will go to the top with ease she has an almost arrogant manner that demands to be looked at and today she shone for me with a good shaped head piece and correct ears straight front with enough bone good top line she looks the part when viewed from all angles - Res Best Bitch

2nd Walsh’s Kypajuka Widows Dorta (AI) - Nice type of bitch who was unlucky to meet 1st today strong head and neat ears good straight front with ample bone bags of rib and strong back end her overall quality is there for all to see this wasn’t her day but things change  

3rd Reid Sonique Rum N Raisin - Brindle bitch femine head with nice ears good straight front nice spring of rib good back end nice type of bitch but not the same quality as first 2 in the head department 

Junior Bitch

1st Kavanagh’s Alport Black Diamond (imp UK) - This was the star of the show for me as soon as she entered the ring the sun shone on her almost pitch black coat it gave an impression that it was glistening this bitch is in the very best of condition which shows off her muscle tone she stood alone in this class and when handled she just got better from her strong feminine head to the tip of her tail she a picture of almost perfection she has a style that is hardly seen in our breed being both strong and athletic at the same time her handler brings out the best in her and as a team they come close to being the ultimate partnership if I may quote Forrest Gump they go together like peas and carrots I would have her home with me in a heartbeat  This bitch’s parts all fit together so well it would be hard for me to think of where she could improve - Best Bitch & Best In Show 

2nd Oakes & Melvaine Intermystic Morgan Le Fay - Nice brindle with white bitch who gave the impression of being tidy and compact and didn’t let me down nice head with eyes looking straight forward tidy ear carriage good straight front with good bone good shoulder placement and rib nice back end moved and handled well

3rd   Coetzer’s Brookshire Black Opal - A tidy young lad strong head neat ears good front with enough bone nice spring of rib nice back end moved & handled well 

Intermediate Bitch

1st Bisman’s Transtaff Bring It on - Red bitch who brought back fond memories of my own red stock from back in the day Strong feminine head with nice ears best of fronts with ample bone shoulder placement gave her a strong look when viewed straight on with enough muscle tone to compliment it nice spring of rib and a strong back end completes a very nice overall picture moved & handled well

2nd Fidler’s Mokuishla Shiveree - nice bitch who met her match today feminine head with nice ear placement good straight front with enough bone nice rib and a good back end another that looked the part when viewed from all angles free moving bitch handled well

3rd Marsh’s Ch Neworder Hot Gossip - Nice bitch good head nice eye placement good straight front with ample bone nice rib good back end moved and handled well came up against it today

State Bred Bitch

1st Fords Maidenheaven Dusty Storm - Lovely bitch put down in very good condition great feminine head with good ear placement straight well boned front that set off the picture when from both front and three quarter on good spring of rib level top line which she held on the move good back end all over a very nice lady who I feel would push the best in time nice free flowing movement handled well 

2nd Anastasi’s Moostaffys Panda - Pied bitch who is another put down in really good order nice head good ears and straight front with enough bone nice spring of rib with a strong back end another free flowing mover and today her muscle tone gave her an edge over most of the class 

3rd Hill’s Ch O Ch Bajed Miss Blackberry UD AD - Nice bitch who met her match today with the fitness of the first 2 good head shape straight front good bone rib and back end moved & handled well

Australian Bred Bitch

1st Carroll’s Dreamcatcher Its Not About Him - Stunning head piece is what caught my eye but there is more to this girl than a head she has a class that is hard to capture in a few lines all the parts of a Stafford should fit together and it does with this girl nice ear placement strong straight front good shoulder placement bags of rib good back end handled to almost perfection one that will make it to the top 

2nd Heard’s Toploader Black Maria - Lighter than 1st but has a lot of the same qualities that she has nice pleasing head with tidy ears good straight front nice rib good top line good backend another silk purse these 2 bitches will swap places on a regular basis the surprise for me is that there is not a CH in front of their names 

3rd Tjerkstra Anvilhart Not Negotiablel  - One of those Staffords that you need to put your hands on to get what she has got nice head and ears straight front good rib and strong back end was unlucky to come up against 2 crackers today   

Open Bitch

1st Frazer’s Ch Highbourne Magic Of Sydney (AI) - this lady has quality running right through her from the well proportioned head piece to the tip of her tail strong and feminine with a lot a class head ears front bone rib are to die for she has an almost arrogance about her that doesn’t ask you to look at her but demands it she is the finished product a bitch that would not look out of place in any open class in the UK  

2nd Shaw’s Ch Belleden Arabesque - Another bitch of quality good head with tidy ears good straight front with enough bone nice shoulder placement which is finished off my nice muscle tone good spring of rib strong back end free moving bitch who was handled really well 

3rd Marsh’s CH Neworder Kid You Not - Nice bitch feminine head with neat ears strong front with straight front ample bone good spring of rib and strong back end another good moving bitch who was unlucky today to have met the first 2


Veteran Bitch

1st Shaw’s Grand CH Belleden De La Rouge - 8 year old lady who has still got what it takes to compete has all the attributes of a true Stafford nice head shape with tidy ears good front with ample bone still has a nice rib and backend this lady has been a quality Stafford in her day she still holds herself well for a lady of her age it would have been nice for her to have some competition today



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