7th June 2008



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Best in Show & Runner Up Best in Show winners

Ch Highbourne Nine Carat & Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn


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Bitch Challenge - Ch Highbourne Nine Carat

Dog Challenge - Wiltshire Just Cruzin


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Reserve Bitch Challenge - Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn

Reserve Dog Challenge - Aust & NZ Ch Warfare Last of the Mohician



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Baby in Show

Westrova Stoic Tooheys

Owned by S Gardner & K Martin

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Opposite Baby in Show

Highbourne Knock On Wood (AI)

Owned by C & J Frazer

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MINORBITCH-1.jpg (99873 bytes)

Minor Puppy in Show 

Pickaxe Anniki

Owned by M Corbert

MINORDOG-1.jpg (120590 bytes)

Opposite Minor Puppy in Show


Owned by M Saunders & K Stevens

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PUPPYDOG-1.jpg (133125 bytes)

Puppy in Show

Joden Black Zulu

Owned by P Ross

PUPPYBITCH-1.jpg (89311 bytes)

Opposite Puppy in Show

Hapustaff Wicked Witch

Owned by H Bartley

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JUNIORDOG-1.jpg (108499 bytes)

Junior in Show

Wiltshire Just Cruzin

Owned by S Heselden

JUNIORBITCH-1.jpg (122778 bytes)

Opposite Junior in Show

Classicstaff Windywillow

Owned by P & A Membery

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INTERBITCH-1.jpg (99557 bytes)

Intermediate in Show

Swanky Oh So Groovy

Owned by V Ross 

INTERDOG-1.jpg (89853 bytes)

Opposite Intermediate in Show

Slickaz Rouge Trader

Owned by B Tevfel

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STATEBITCH-1.jpg (124680 bytes)

Best State Bred in Show

Vagastaff Fergalicious

Owned by T & V Dart

Picture coming soon

Best Opposite State Bred in Show

Belleden Rocco

Owned by A Byrne


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BIS.jpg (58913 bytes)

Best Australian Bred in Show

Ch Highbourne Nine Carat

Owned by C & J Frazer

AUSTDOG-1.jpg (141257 bytes)

Best Opposite Australian Bred in Show

Vagastaff I See Red

Owned by T & V Dart

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OPENBITCH-1.jpg (74847 bytes)

Best Open in Show

Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn

Owned by C & J Frazer

OPENDOG-1.jpg (77117 bytes)

Best Opposite Open in Show


Owned by P & S Aldous

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