7th June 2008


Many thanks to the members of the Queensland Club for inviting me to judge this Show.  My father judged here in 1974 – I notice the BIS Trophy was a memorial to him – he had a great time and I am delighted to say so did I.  You really seem to be as happy a Breed Club as I have met and I hope you continue to enjoy your dogs and dog  showing.  I thought the organisation was great and although it is wrong to pick out individuals as this must have been a great team effort, yet I must pay tribute to the work and attention to detail of Julana Akers and on the day to my Assembly Steward Haley Bartley, the Writer Janet Wall and the ever cheerful Steward Graham Drew.

I enjoyed the quality in most Classes although I found more depth in quality in the Bitch entry than in the dogs.  This isn’t a bad thing as a stock of good quality bitches bodes well for the future.  I noticed some AI animals and I understand that this procedure is now more affordable – which must be helpful to Australian breeders. 

The one problem I found rather consistently in your animals was poor movement – particularly at the rear. You seem to have developed an Aussie movement that is almost unique in my experience.  It stems from a number of animals with over-angulated rear ends.  A Stafford should stand with its hind legs underneath it – the stifle bent but not so bent that the hind legs have to reach back beyond the pelvic region.  Properly set a Stafford can run forward or jump upwards in a trice, it should not have to collect its hind legs from behind it before it can move.  This over extension of the hind legs on the move is accentuated by your handlers’ habit of running – or more accurately ‘loping’ along when moving your dogs.  In full flow this does look superficially attractive and I am sure that your All-Round Judges are captivated by this type of movement.  It is not, however correct action for a SBT.

This brings me to one big thing I would like Breeders in Australia to work at and that is creating more judges with specialist knowledge of the Stafford.  I am in awe of the experience and knowledge of so many of your breeders .  It seems crazy to me that you pay good money to bring ‘Specialist Judges’ from the UK many of whom, in fact,  have neither the years of experience nor the knowledge of many of your native breeders. I know the exams etc put some of the older enthusiasts off trying for their judges qualifications but it would be so much better for the Breed if more of you would ‘give it a go’.


This, of course is a class we don’t schedule in the UK and is difficult for us to assess. Many puppies were, naturally without a full set of teeth one or two didn’t yet have both testicles descended.  I tried to regard the class as rather a large litter from which I had to select three to ‘run on’ and we all know how often we can select wrongly in these situations!!

1        Gardner & Martin’s WESTROVA STOIC TOOHEYS brindle pup with an excellent head shape – good stop, round eyes with plenty of space between them, good width of foreface, rose ears.  Nice weight of bone and width of chest. Well bent stifle. Moved well for a baby.

2        Frazer’s HIGHBOURNE DANCING BRAVE black brindle pup of class. Stronger head even than 1.  Good ears, well placed dark, round eye, good stop.  Good weight of bone, didn’t move as confidently – or perhaps I should say as ‘obediently’ as 1.

3        Boyle’s  SHKIRI COLLISON This pup didn’t put a foot wrong on the showing front.  Black brindle whose head is not as well developed as 1 or 2 at this stage.  Good ears. Nice front and weight of bone.

I thought all three of these were very promising puppies and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some who went cardless on the day blossom into big time winners at a later date.


1        Saunders & Stevens’ KRAZYSTAFF MUKNUPMGRITT upstanding brindle pup. Well put together and already tightly constructed.  His skull is nicely formed and in balance with his body.  Cheek bumps are well pronounced and the whole head clean without looseness of skin or wrinkle. Well laid shoulders and sufficient width of chest for his age.  Rib nicely developed and a good tuck up behind the rib gave shape to his young body. Moved well although I would wish he had a better tail carriage.

2        Willmot’s GOOBALLZ HICKIFRMKANICKI  Where on earth do you get these names from? Heavier type than 1 Nice head with good skull but would like more depth in the foreface. Ears a bit large but well rosed. Strong shoulders, god spring of rib. Moved O.K. but another with that ‘happy’ tail.

3        Tjerkstra’s BOMCHASSA MOVINON Brindle with a good dark eye and nicely defined head although need a little more depth through the foreface.  Clean front which should develop more width as he matures.  Good spring of rib, moved O.K.

CLASS 3   PUPPY D  (11)   I began to get a bit excited as this class entered the ring as I noted some really nice puppies.

1        Ross’ JODEN BLACK ZULU a pup who impressed me. Black brindle as his name suggests. Excelled in head qualities – correct proportions of foreface to skull, pronounced stop, depth throughout the skull and foreface. His round, dark well placed eye gives him correct breed expression.  Well placed, neat rose ears. Well laid shoulders, clean front, good bone and well padded feet. Level topline, short coupled body, well bent stifle.  Moved well. Best Puppy in Show

2        Elatm’s MAIDENHEAVEN BY ROSCOE red dog, one of the best conditioned of the day.  Good head and his round eye and pronounced stop gives him a correct breed expression.  Well laid shoulders, clean front, good weight of bone. Level topline, his stifles were well bent but not over-angulated. Moved well.

3        Bisman’s  BOROLO STORM TROOPER Strongly built brindle.  Fair head shape, dark eye. Would like more depth through foreface.  Good bone and rib. Somewhat over-angulated rear end.

CLASS 4   JUNIOR D (13 -2)

1        Heselden’s WILTSHIRE JUST CRUZIN  A young dog who took my eye because he combines what I believe to be an essential of a good Stafford Show Dog: strength with class.  It is comparatively easy to produce a dog oozing strength or one who is all class but no substance.  Getting a good blend is hard to achieve but I think this dog displayed these qualities.  Very well defined head- good skull, pronounced stop, round well placed eye, which to be nit picky could be a shade darker.  Well placed rose ears. Depth through skull and foreface. Well laid shoulders, clean front.  Good weight of bone without being coarse. Well padded feet. Good depth of brisket and enough spring of rib.  One of the better movers.  Of all the males I saw, this and the puppy dog are the two I would most like to have taken home with me.

2        Austin Cleary/Saunders/Stevens  CH TYKABUL THE CRACKER slightly heavier built than 1 but clean.  Very good depth of skull and foreface, correct proportions of foreface to skull. Nice front when the handler didn’t over stretch him.  Good bone.  Appears a little short on leg which spoils his balance.  This could be because he is too deep in the brisket but to-day when it is fashionable to measure every angle and appear more scientific it would be more popular to say he is ‘too short in the upper arm’.  Frankly I think this is all padding as the important thing to note is that he is not well balanced because his legs look to short – end of story. Nice spring of rib and good tuck up behind. Very well bent stifles.

3        Lee’s  POWERPAWS JUST DO IT  Interesting to me that this dog is sired by a Finnish import and that he is such an unusually clear mahogany brindle.  Well developed and shaped head. Good cheek bumps, pronounced stop, well placed rose ears. Round eye whose colour perfectly blends with his coat colour.  Good bone and rib. He stood four square and moved well, although another who carried his tail too high.


1        Tevfel’s  SLICKAZ ROUGE TRADER I thought this was a fine red dog – not helped, indeed positively hindered at time by his handler.  Excellent head shape. Good stop, pronounced cheek bumps, depth through skull and foreface, correctly placed rose ears.  He has a short coupled body with well laid shoulders and good spring of rib. Well muscled rear quarters and sufficient bend of stifle to allow for correct Stafford movement. In excellent condition.

2        Ross’s CH SWANKY OPTIMUM FORCE Well constructed, tightly knit black brindle. Good skull and dark eye.  A rounder eye, set more apart would give a more pleasing expression.  Well placed shoulders and good spring of rib on his short coupled body. Well padded neat feet. Excellently presented and expertly handled.

3        Doorackers’s  CH TAINO PAINTED CHIEF Good typey pied.  Nicely proportioned and defined head piece.  Dark eye.  Ears could be neater.  Little more bone would have balanced. Good rib enhanced by his well defined waist.  Moved O.K.

CLASS  9  STATE BRED  D (11 -2)

1        Byrne’s  BELLEDEN ROCCO Fair headed brindle with good expression coming from his round, dark eyes and pronounced stop.  Well boned, clean fronted with well laid shoulders.  Body was well ribbed and short coupled. One of the few dogs who stood with his hind legs under him – as opposed to stretched behind a la the GSD.  One of even fewer who moved correctly with drive and parallel motion.

2        Carroll’s DREAMCATCHER HUDINICHILD Clean cut brindle. Fair head shape, good rose ears and dark eyes.  Clean front with sufficient width and good musculation on shoulders – without looking ‘stuffy’.  Good bone and rib.  In fit condition and moved better than most.

3        Brown’s BULLYBOUYS IL DIVO.  Good type tiger brindle.  Probably the best head of the first 3 in this class, although ears spoilt the expression somewhat.  Well boned, clean front. Well developed rib, level top-line.  Somewhat over-angulated at the rear


1        Dart’s VAGASTAFF I SEE RED  lovely clear red colouring.  Very well shaped head – good stop, correct proportions, depth through skull and foreface. Would prefer less wrinkle. Clean, well laid shoulders and enough bone.  Very compact dog who moved O.K.

2        Faithful’s CH BELLEDEN GHOST N DARKNESS   Pied. Slightly longer cast than 1.  Short head, good stop, dark eye, neat ears.  Good clean front and well up on his pasterns.  I thought him a bit thick around the waist.  Moved well.

3        Leyden’s  MOSSTROOPER TRAVELLINMAN   Longer headed brindle.  Good skull, stop and dark eye.  Could be a little blunter on the foreface.  Good weight of bone, clean front. Well sprung rib, moved well. Could benefit from firmer handling. 

CLASS 11  OPEN D. (16 -2)

1        Aldous’  AUS/NZ CH WARFARE LAST OF THE MOHICAN (Imp NZ) Good head on this black brindle dog.  Short overall, fair stop, good depth of skull.  Well placed neat ears which are such a help in creating the correct expression.  Short coupled body, well boned front good spring of rib.  I would prefer tighter shoulders.  Well developed hind quarters, moved O.K.

2        Lelliott’s  CH WILLSPRIDE FINNIGAN  White with a very nice head and expression.  Neat, well placed ears. Good bone but his shoulder placement was just the opposite to 1, being somewhat ‘tied’. Well ribbed, level topline.  Moved pretty well for this company. Would have liked a more defined body.

3        Bainbridge STAFAHOLIC CAFFEINE HIGH Nice head shape on this red and a good dark eye. Pronounced stop, clean front.  Good enough spring of rib.  In very fit condition – well muscled throughout.  Moved well.



1        Frazer’s  HIGHBOURNE KNOCK ON WOOD (A1) Litter sister of my second in Baby Puppy D.- quite a litter. Super head. Excellent stop, depth throughout skull and foreface. Actually has more teeth through than her brother! Good quality of bone. Level topline on this square little body. Good bend of stifle and moved nicely for one so young.

2        Dawes’ BAJED MYSTERY LADY Similar to 1 in that she has a lovely head, if a little longer than 1.  Good bone and front. Well bent stifle.

3        Dawes’  BAJED MYSTIC POWERS Head not as strong as those above.  But a really square little packet with a good level topline and moving nicely.


1        Corbert’s PICKAXE ANNIKKI Quite a thumper this brindle/white bitch.  But I like strong bitches – they have plenty to give to their off-spring and the right dog can always refine them.  Wonderful head – pronounced stop, deep throughout, round well placed eyes.  Ears are rather thick but well rosed.  Good bone in front and well bent stifles at the rear. The Finnish sire again I see.

2         Tozer’s AXLSTAFF DRAGSTRIP GIRL  More refined young bitch, but still of quality.  Good expression – good stop, round dark eye, rose ears.  Short coupled with clean front and fair weight of bone.  Lovely fine, close coat. Moved O.K.

3        Ross’ SWANKY QUINTESSENCE very nicely shaped head on this pied.  Good stop, round eye and all the requirements for a correct expression.  Level topline but rib yet to develop.  Clean front, good weight of bone and close, well padded feet.

CLASS 3A  PUPPY B (12 -1)

1        Bartley’s  HAPUSTAFF WICKED WITCH  Upstanding young bitch with a very good head. Correct proportions, good stop and width and depth through skull and foreface.  Well placed rose ears.  Clean front, good weight of bone, level topline, enough rib for age.  Good bend of stifle without being over done and so she moved well.

2        Gardner & Martin’s  MOSSTROOPER MAKE NICE Good headed bitch, although not quite the definition of 1.  Good bone, a little deep in brisket – which, of course should ideally end just, but only just, below the elbow.  Ears could be tidier and topline should tighten up with age.

3        Millhouse  SABOTEUR SWEET PEA I do like to see these tiger brindles – which are relatively un-common now in the U.K.  Fair head, good rose ears which are well placed at the side of her head.  Enough bone and feet could be tighter.  Well shaped body and she moved O.K.


1        Membery’s  CLASSICSTAFF WINDYWILLOW lovely headed brindle.  Good proportions to head, pronounced stop, strong fore face.  Round dark eye.  Level topline to her well boned body.  Good bend of stifle, Moved O.K.

2        Elliot & Wekks’ ROYALREDS LADY OV EATONS Red who was so alert and stood up on her strong pasterns demanding to be noticed.  Nice head with excellent, well placed, rose ears. She had enough bone and width to balance and a level topline.  Moved well.

3        Sommerville’s SOMMOY BLACK PEARL Good skull but not  the depth or width in foreface as seen in 1 and 2.  Clean front and good bone.  Needs to rib up a bit. Level topline, moved O.K.


1        Ross’s SWANKY OH SO GROOVY.  Very compact, short coupled black brindle of tight construction.  Good shaped head with a round eye that could be darker.  Enough bone, well padded feet with black nails. Good tuck up behind ribs and well muscled hind quarters.  Moved O.K.

2        Straub’s SAJOMARBE BLACK PEARL.  Black brindle of similar type to 1. Her head is not quite so well defined – especially around the stop area.  Another one with very good ears.  Could do with a bit more rib and a bit less under-carriage!

3        Lacey & Ross’ SWANKY OOH LAH LAH.  I see this is a litter sister to my winner – again a consistency which is to be applauded. Good headed black brindle but could do with a darker eye.  Not as clean around the muzzle as her sister.  Very good bone, good spring of rib and level topline.  Ideally I would prefer a ‘freer’ front assembly.


1        Dart’s  VAGASTAFF FERGALICIOUS Lovely headed red.  Good stop, depth throughout and correct proportions of foreface to skull.  Well placed, rose ears, dark eye.  Good front and well boned.  Good spring of rib with a tuck up to well muscled hind quarters.

2        Elliot & Weeks’  ROYALREDS LADY OV EVERTON Another good headed red, although not as clean around the foreface as 1. Good rose ears, well placed at the side of her skull.  Good bone, front and rib if a little longer in the couplings than 1.

3        Holman’s BOROLO BLACK PEARL Nice skull on this black brindle.  Needs more width in the foreface.  Dark eye.  Good bone and feet.  Little slab sided in the body and a very deeply angulated rear end.


1        Frazer’s CH HIGHBOURNE NINE CARAT Oh what a little cracker of a bitch.  Excellent head – good stop, depth throughout skull and foreface. No snipiness in foreface. Round, dark eyes, set to look straight ahead.  Correct proportions of skull to fore face.  Well placed rose ears. Correct length of neck, clean shoulders.  Short coupled body with good rib. Correct bend of stifle.  I liked her overall balance – all her parts seemed to be made for each other and although entirely feminine she had strength as well as class.  Her one draw back for me was that she did not want to ‘show’ herself and, in fact I found it best to assess her standing completely freely and un-stacked on the lead.

2        Zammit’s MOKUISHLA BEATRIX KIDDO  Good head on this black brindle/white bitch.  Good stop, short deep foreface, rose well placed ears.  Good weight of bone and clean front.  Not a lot of rib but she was very fit with a big tuck up at the waist. 

3        Saunders & Steven’s CH YANTABULA WOTTA GEM Good head and expression on this brindle bitch.  Short, deep head and round dark eyes.  Her front is wide with good bone.  I felt she carried too much weight.

CLASS 11A  OPEN B.  (22 -2)

Some lovely bitches in this class. Unfortunately some were over-weight and some a bit passed their best but a really good mental exercise to sort them out

1        Frazer’s  CH RAYONNOIRE CANNY BAIRN What a class act this is.  Excellent head. Good proportions, deep throughout and all set off by excellently placed ears.  Good front and straight bone.  She stood up on her strong pasterns throughout.  Level topline.  Very well bent stifles.  In the final analysis it was fascinating to compare this bitch with her kennel mate – winner of the previous class.  I would have been happy to give either the Challenge and it was a case of splitting hairs.  In general I preferred the overall balance, as I saw it of my winner.

2        Roebig’s CH JODEN TEMPTRESS Another nicely headed brindle. Good stop and correct round eyes, very good rose ears.  Nice weight of bone for a bitch although I would have preferred more development at the front.  Enough spring of rib, good tuck up to well bent stifles.

3        Brown’s CH BULLBOUYS DESERT JEWEL  Completed a trio of fine bitches. This red had a very good expression – good stop, round eye, rose ears.  Again I would have liked a freer front but her bone was good. Level topline, enough rib needs more bend of stifle for me.


Bitch Challenge and BIS: Frazer’s Ch HIGHBOURNE NINE CARAT

Reserve Bitch Challenge and Res. BIS:  Frazer’s CH RAYONNOIRE CANNY BAIRN

Dog Challenge and BOS : Heselden’s WILTSHIRE JUST CRUZIN

Best Puppy in Show:  Ross’ JODEN BLACK ZULU



Clare Lee   JUDGE



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