10th June, 2006

Judge: Ms T Amos (S.A)


Firstly I would like to thank the club for appointing myself to judge this yearís championship show; I was very pleased with the entry of 148 Staffords to go over.

I would like to also thank the committee for their support whilst my stay in Queensland, it was most enjoyable. To Simon the President & his partner for being such great hosts & opening their home to me after the show, they made me feel very welcome, for this I thank them. Also to the show secretary, Julana for her organizing my hotel & flight & her help looking after myself overall on the day of the show, to my ring steward, Netta Bainbridge who kept all the dogs in order on the day I could not have done it on my own, also the catalogue writer, Di Jovanovic who looked after my personal items & assisted me with my dryza-bone coat in between the down pours of rain, lastly to the ribbon presenters, Nicki & Michael thank you for your help through the day. I had a most enjoyable lunch with some of the committee & life members, although the weather wasnít kind to us all day with intermittent intervals of drizzle to heavy showers, however with the use of the marquees it was made a little easier to cope with, all & all it was a most memorable & enjoyable day.


To the exhibitors thank you for your entry & support, also to those who travelled interstate, & the sporting manner in my overall decisions. An overall view of the dogs is many are of good type & sound, some were way too big for what the standard calls for, some of the biggest I have seen in height, so big that they border on Am Staff height, and we must keep height in perspective to the standard just like the heaviness of the dogs as they cannot do the job to their capacity if they are to these extremities, they should be fit & agile, they are a terrier which should be kept to size, as most are bred to go to ground.  There are still some faults creeping into the breed that we need to address, we must remember what the breed was bred for & its purpose, as the Stafford was used for a number of purposes. I do not fault judge, or colour judge as stated before I took this appointment, as my results will tell. I judge to the standard & my overall winners are assessed on their virtues, not faults, too many bad mouths are still being seen & obviously being bred with, for this to be seen in the ring consistently, this also applies to converging canines, although these are not visible to the outside eye they are a serious fault within our breed, thus impeding the dog. Of other faults found, in physical anatomy such as bad toplines, lack of turn of stifle, bad fronts, also 1 or 2 with short toes, however in such a large number of entries these were few considering the fault it is & I feel with selective breeding of stock, all of the above can be corrected in time. As far as fitness, most were too fat & no muscle tone, as stated above, we must remember what these dogs were bred for & the importance & need to present them in fit hard condition, I do not agree with fighting weight, as some, but to be presented with a wasteline & in good hard condition, putting in the hard work required for a dog to be presented in this manner, we are not putting these dogs in the pits, but are  judging them at a conformation level, still  to be presented in good condition. Movement & soundness overall was good, with the few with rear ends lacking in drive & not tracking correctly, moving too close, some crossing. Front movement, most moved straight & true tracking correctly, however some tended to egg beat in front, with legs flicking outwards. As far as handling of many of the exhibits, many were let down by this & could be trained for the show ring better as many had either little or no training & handled in a way that didnít show off the dogs to their best advantage, thus making it harder to judge overall!


Thank you again for the appointment & opportunity to judge your dogs & the sportsmanship shown by most on the day was good; to my winnerís thank you it was a pleasure to award those exhibits the accolades they deserve.



Tracey J Amos

Verysharp Staffordís

Sth Australia



1st exh.3- LANVILLA PISTON BROK (black/brindle)

Very good type young pup, correct shaped head at this age, sound body with nice outline, front good with correct bone, moved well. Promising baby.


2nd exh.9- BEAURITE HIT THE BULLSI (white with brindle)

Head ok, leggy at this stage, good bone, still developing at this stage.


3rd exh 10-COSWECAN DUDLEY (black/brindle)

Another good type pup, growing at this stage, not the head of the 1st two, lacking in stop, body good overall.




1st exh.13-GEMRA UNFORGIVEN (black/brindle)

Just out of baby, good type, clean front, good bone, body sound. A little heavy set at this age see how develops, however his overall type carried him through to 1st.


2nd exh.11-DAPMAC NASTY NORBERT (brindle)

Head ok, not as developed overall as first, maturing slowly for his age, overall type good.


3rd exh.12-ARTMAC TWO SOCKS (brindle/white socks & front)

Head average at this stage, needs to improve through stop, body still developing.



1st exh.15-WARREE NUGGETS PRIZE (black/brindle)

Strong head, good front & sound body, at the top end of the scale in size. May end up too heavy in my opinion, very advanced for his age. PUPPY IN SHOW.


2nd exh.14-BUROJU AVAGOOD WEEGEND (white)

Lacks a little in head at this age, front a bit loose at elbows may tighten with age, body ok, and size good.



1ST exh.18-POWERBILT THE SLASHER (black/brindle)

Very nice promising young dog, good strong head not overdone, clean front & sound in body. Quality dog throughout, interesting to see how he develops on. JUNIOR IN SHOW.


2nd exh.19-SANDTOYS ARSENAL (black/brindle)

Another quality young dog, head shape good not the strength of the 1st however, clean front & sound body. Bone a little light on for a male & a little light in substance of body at this age, lost to a dog with more strength.


3rd exh.17-BELLEDEN SUNSTONE (red)

A strong headed dog at this age, a little too course in expression with wrinkles these may even out in time. Strong correct front, sound in body, well turned out in condition & handled well.



1st exh.25-CH. BELLEDEN GHOST N DARKNSS (white/brindle markings)

Upstanding dog at the top end of the scale, strong head, good front, nice bone, moved soundly. Won class with ease.


2nd exh.27-BOJHARNI MOUNTAIN LAD (red)

Good sized dog, head good, front & body good, moved ok.


3rd exh. 24-BKOOL SPACE CADET (red fawn)

Head shape good, ears not ideal rose took away from overall expression, front & body ok, moved ok.



1st exh.29-BOROLO ARCH NEMISES (black/brindle)

Nice young dog, nice head, good front with ample bone, sound body, moved well. Correct sized dog.


2nd exh.33-WARREE PRIZE FIGHTER (black/brindle)

Top size dog on the little too big, good type, very strong headed a little too much, but does match his size. Sound body, moved ok. Big dog.


3rd exh.34-CELSUZ RED BARRON (red)

A little on the heavy side for me, good head, sound enough.



1st exh.45-CH. STAFFSTRUCK HIGH VELOCITY (black/brindle/ white chest)

Fit dog, appealing at a glance, strong correct head shape, front good with ample bone, sound in body, moved well, of good correct size.


2nd exh.46-BAJED PRINCE OV DARKNESS (black/brindle)

Good type with good front, a little up n down in front with no width of shoulder, head strong & correct, body good, not the condition & fitness of the 1st.

3rd exh.44-CH. BULLYBOUYS GLADIATOR (black/brindle)

Nice headed dog, front good, body sound, not as clean in type as 1st & 2nd.


OPEN DOG-12 ENTRIES: (1 ABSENT) Quality class of dogs overall with final decisions close.

1st exh.50-AUST & N.Z. CH BELLEDEN DEVIL OV ORION (white/ brindle markings)

A quality dog, very impressive on the stack, very clean in out line, correct bull & terrier blend with no exaggerations as should be! Pigmentation good with only slight ticking. Quality head with strong clean muzzle, good scissor bite with correctly placed canines, eye colour dark with correct shape, ears small & neat, thin to the feel. Clean, correct front, no shoulderness at all, could have a tad heavier bone for a male (a little light in upper arm), neat & upright feet. Sound in body all over, good spring of rib, with no length of loin, good tuck up with strong correct hind quarters, moved correctly & sound from all angles. Turned out in tip top condition as should be, handled to an advantage & showed well to take the class & go on to take CC DOG,RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW, a worthy winner.


2nd exh.55-CH.WILLSPRIDE FINNIGAN (white)

Another quality dog, which also impressed on the stack, perhaps a little heavier than the 1st but only slightly. Clean in out line, good correct headed dog, strong muzzle with clean lips, correct scissor bite with 1 or 2 incisors missing however not to affect his job nor his ability to use his jaw as a fighting breed, correct canines, eye colour dark, would like to have seen dark eye rims but this is only a minor fault as pigmentation was good. Neat ears, lovely front standing upright, ample bone with good feet, sound body all over, not quite as fit as 1st but turned out in good condition also, handled & moved well. Deservingly placing of 2nd going on to win RESERVE CC DOG, congratulations.


3rd exh.54-CH.JAMELKUR CRUZIN STAR (black brindle/white chest)

Good type of dog also, strong headed dog with strong muzzle, little lippy, scissor bite. Front ok, little overloaded, body good, a little long cast though. Moved soundly.


4th exh.60-CH. BAJED EYE OPENER (black/brindle)

A dog of great type & quality with true correct bull & terrier blend, only his age is catching up with him. Lovely correct head, scissor bite, upstanding dog still, close between him & 3rd place getter. Thanks for bringing him out,was a lovely dog in his prime



A real quality class of babies, good to see for the future of the breed & also future brood stock.

1st exh.63-KOENDIDDA CYMREIG SIPSI (black brindle)

A baby of real promise. Beautiful head for age, clean true front, strong bone with good body, nice turn of stifle, good tail carriage. Moved well for a baby. One to follow, should go places if grows into the adult she looks to promise to be, good luck with her. BABY IN SHOW.


2nd exh.76-BOROLO BLACK PEARL (black brindle)

Another promising baby, not the head of the first, still underdeveloped, good front with bone, body sound, also shows promise.


3rd exh.73-BOROLO SWEET DREAMS (black /brindle)

Also nice puppy bitch, behind in the head, good body with quality overall type.



Also a quality line up of young up & coming bitches!

Not much between the first 3 really at this age.

1st exh.83-ORAZZ TURRADH (black/brindle, white socks)

Nice promising young bitch, just out of baby, good clean type, head good but still developing, front clean with good bone, body good into hind quarters, moved & handled well, her overall type carried her through on the day. Pleased to award her MINOR IN SHOW & MY PUPPY OF THE DAY, congratulations, I hope she goes on for you.


2nd exh.89-SOMMOY IRISH ROSE (black/brindle)

Another of good quality, a little more advanced in size & substance than 1st for age, pushed for 1st, nice head with clean expression, good body, hind quarters good  with turn of stifle. One to watch also as she develops.


3rd exh.90-GEMRA ACES HIGH (black/brindle)

Also of good quality, good size bitch for age, lovely head, good clean front, up on leg, bone good, body clean not too heavy. Shows plenty of promise also!



1st exh.95-DREAMCATCHER ALILNAUGHTY (black/brindle)

Good type, Head good, nice front into good body, well bodied pup with a lot of substance for her age, will be interesting to see how she develops on, if she may end up too heavy, does show promise though. Sound moving. Too good for this class on the day.



Nice deep red colour, Head good ,feminine female shape, front ok, very leggy at this stage, developing on again, of good type though & shows promise. Moved well.


3rd exh.93-JADESTONE SAD SAC SALLY (white/brindle markings)

Good type with strong front & ample bone, head not of the 1st & 2nd, body good, feet good, moved ok.



1st exh.96-KABERE ON THE CATWALK (red)

Another lovely red in richness of colour with black mask, head good, correct bite, ears a little open, well bodied & sound, moved well, nice type of bitch.



Also a lovely red, head ok, a little lighter in bone than 1st, still developing in the body, not as advanced, type overall good, sound bitch.


3rd exh.103-GEMRA SIMPLY RED (red)

A heavier bitch than 1st & 2nd, a little too much for what I like at this age, see how she develops on. Good head & front, moved soundly.



A close class this, my 1st & 2nd a close decision!

In my opinion my 1st & 2nd are worthy champions in the making!

1st exh.118-STAFFLYTE ILLUSION (white/black markings)

A very good type bitch with lovely bull & terrier substance, nice bone, with lovely feminine head, scissor bite, clean front, sound with clean outline in body, neat feet, short coupled & well let down behind. Lovely markings with no break along her back which can be deceiving to the eye as she is not a pied but a black & white, her pigmentation is good. My type of bitch, not too light, nor too heavy, but balanced, what the standard calls for. I would love to have a coloured bitch like this & would be happy to have her in my team. Pushed hard for reserve CC bitch today & only her age took it from her in a line up of top grade bitches, she has proven she can be the best at specialties already & will again! Handled & presented in good condition. INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW.


2nd exh.109-JETTBLAK  JAZ (black/brindle, white chest)

Another lovely bitch, pushed hard for 1st, stunning head, scissor bite, clean lip line, nice front into good lay of shoulder, body sound, a little longer in body than 1st, nicely up on leg & of correct height, neat feet, moved sound. Also lovely blend of bull & terrier type, so balanced. Clean outline with no exaggerations, another that I would be happy to have in my team. Presented in fit hard condition, a credit to the owner, handled very well.


3rd exh.107-SWANKY GROOVY WHITEDLITE (white/brindle markings)

Bigger bitch than 1st & 2nd, still within the standard though, but for me borders on a little too big. Good type, not the head of the others but still nice, good front, pigmentation good, moved well, clean outline.



1st exh.121-BAJED MISS BLACKBERRY CDX (black/brindle)

A lovely type, another I would take home, ideal size for a bitch. Lovely head, ears a little open but didnít take away from her lovely correct expression, eyes dark & good shape, correct bite, lovely correct front with correct Stafford bone, good lay of shoulder with level topline, another of clean outline, with correct substance. Well worthy of becoming a champion, my type of bitch, I would take her home. STATE BRED IN SHOW.


2nd exh.120-TORAZAR DARK ANGEL (black/brindle)

Good type bitch, good head, and front, slight dip behind shoulders which took away from her on the move, not in the class of the 1st bitch but has qualities of her own.


3rd exh.125-WARREE SLICK DEVA (black brindle)

Nice type of bitch, on the big side, lovely strong head, good front, sound body. A little unruly for her handler & found it hard to keep her under control, not showing to her best advantages, made it hard to assess her.



1st exh.134-CH.STAFFBACH I SAID SO (black/brindle)

Quality bitch with lovely clean outlines, as I have mentioned in a few of my bitches critiques she is one also that has no exaggerations & just flows into he outline. Lovely feminine head, with scissor bite, dark eye, neat ears with correct expression. Correct bone& front, in to good lay of shoulder, body nice with well let down hind quarters, pump handle tail & an ideal size for a bitch. Moved well, perhaps a little too quickly at times, as her handler found it hard to keep her under wraps! A lovely bitch overall & her true type & correctness along with her maturity took her through to take out RESERVE CC BITCH, AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW, congratulations!


2nd exh.135-CH.HELLFYRE ICE QUEEN (white)

Another quality bitch, a little heavier than the 1st which is not a forte of mine, good front, a little overdone in the shoulders, ample bone. Nice head with correct scissor bite, rose ears, dark eye with dark rims, excellent pigmentation hard to find in whites. Good body & hind quarters, moved well, overall a lovely bitch on the heavier end of the scale for substance I believe. Beaten on the day by a more classic bitch, a little cleaner in type, however she is still a nice bitch in her own right.



Nice type of bitch, good head into good front, no real stand out faults, scissor bite with good dark eye into sound body, moved well. Held her own in a good class, beaten on the day by two slightly superior bitches!



1st exh.146-CH.KNOCKON BITTER SWEET (black brindle)

As soon as this bitch is stacked she commands respect, her overall type is something to behold! Once again  as  I have mentioned, this bitch is another who depicts the true meaning of the bull & terrier blend, her virtues are so great from her head right through, she is a true stand out in my perception of what a true Stafford specimen should be! To judge her on her one fault & hold her back for it would not do her justice, as I believe you judge a dog on its virtues not its faults, no dog is perfect as we all know, there has not been one born yet, nor ever will, if I could change one thing on this bitch it would be her slightly over angulated hind quarters, but this would not hold her back in any way from doing the job she was bred for. Her head is stunning, it has such great strength & depth with a punishing stop also a strong under jaw, yet feminine beauty, clean lip line, with perfect scissor bite, eyes correct shape, ears small & rose, front is spot on, perfectly up on leg with neat tight feet, body is of great strength with no exaggerations or coarseness anywhere, short coupled & well tucked up in loin into strong hind quarters albeit into slightly over angulated rear assembly, pump handle tail. Moved sound, could show with a little more enthusiasm for some however for myself her feet hit the ground in the right place & does her job. Clean outline through out, presented in gleaming condition, fit & hard. Handled in the correct fashion for a Stafford befitting a bitch of this quality, a credit to her handler. In my opinion, the best Stafford I have had the pleasure to have my hands on as a judge, it was a great pleasure to reward her quality by giving her CC BITCH, BEST IN SHOW, I wish her success in all her future endeavours, congratulations. 


2nd exh.148-CH. JENRANA EBONY ANIVORY (black/white)

Quality bitch, heavier through out than 1st, strong deep head with dark eye, correct rose ears, 2 incisors popped, however mouth is acceptable to me. Front good with ample bone, feet good. Body a little heavier than the ideal for a Stafford bitch, close coupled, moved sound, tail set good, however tail a little short. Pigmentation good with appealing markings, a grand bitch in her day, would like to have judged her at the height of her career! Presented in fit condition & handled well.


3rd exh.147-GRAND.CH. SWANKY XTRA GROOVY (black/brindle)

Another quality bitch, very much my type of bitch, correct bull & terrier blend & clean in outline. Although very sound she does not possess strong virtues, her head is adequate, and eyes a little light and ears could be smaller & thinner. Front is well made  with correct lay of shoulder, correct bone, neat feet, good body with tuck up of loin, moved & handled well, in summary would have placed higher with a stronger head.




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