10th December, 2005

Judge: Mr Walter Bore (QLD)



Baby Puppy Dog

1st - Dreamcatcher Six Shooter

  A nice pup, head ok.  He is developing well for his age.

2nd - Artmac Grants Keeper

  At this stage another nice fellow.  Not much between him and 1st.


Minor Puppy Dog

1st - Belleden Sunstone

  Red.  Nice head.  Dentition shows promise at this stage.  Developing well.

2nd - Kabere Theshowoffmustgon

  Red.  Again nice head coming.  Similar to 1st.

3rd - Belleden Prince Jet

  Ok at this stage of growth.


Puppy Dog

1st - Borolo Arch Nemesis

  Good dentition, head nice, dark eyes.  Good on virtues, will improve.

2nd - Belleden Crown Prince

  Nice young dog overall.  Just a whisker behind 1st.

3rd - Kabere Hannibal Lector

  Black brindle.  Nice head, neat ears, good dentition.


Junior Dog

1st - Marjenn Jake

  Nice head, tidy ears.  Dark eye.  Dentition is spot on.  Topline level.

2nd - Bkool Space Cadet

  Really nice.  Good head.  Denitition is ok.  Ears are neat.  Level topline.

3rd - Dreamcatcher Tribal Chief

  Nice head, dark eye, good dentition.


In all a nice trio.


Intermediate Dog

1st - Sommoy Braveheart

  A nice dog with strength.  Very good dentition.  Obviously feet tight and nails short

  from being worked.

2nd - Billylee Bronco Man

  Another nice dog.  Close to 1st in quality.

3rd - Onfire Final Impact

  Nice head.  Tidy ears.  Dark eyes.  Strong hindquarters, carried tail low.


State Bred Dog

1st - Pitford Black Demon

  I like this fellow.  A couple of days training.  His first show and he went well. 

  Lovely head and expression with dark round eyes, neat ears.  Showy attitude.

2nd - Bojharni Mountain Lad

  Red.  This fellow is similar to first and was pushing for a higher place.

3rd - Warree Wizard

  A lovely black brindle.  Nice head and expression.  Level backed, tail carried low.


Aust Bred Dog

1st - Aust Ch. Willspride Finnigan

  Good headed white.  Dark eye, neat ears.  Overall is top shelf.

2nd - Swanky Fancy This

  Nice headed.  Good dentition.  Level topline. Moves well

3rd - Aust Ch. Bullybouys Gladiator

  Nice headed.  Tidy ears, level back.  For his coat colour I would prefer his eyes



Open Dog

1st - Aust Ch. Verysharp Pretty Boy

  This fellow grabbed my attention.  Lovely head.  Good arch, giving those round

  dark eyes that is a necessity for correct expression.  His overall conformation is

  tops.  This was proved by his driving action at show pace, soundness to be sure.  I

  have no doubt he will go far.  Suits his name.

2nd - Warree Flame Thrower

  Really nice red dog.  Good head, good dentition.  Level back.

3rd - Aust Ch. Borolo Chance Ov Rain

  Good headed, tapered neck onto good shoulders, back level, tail low.

4th - Aust Ch. Kabere The Henchman

  A nice dog, good head and expression.  White chest, brindle coat, level back, tail

  carried low.

5th - Borolo Reckon Not

  Nice red.  Good head.  Good lay of shoulder.  Hind end ample, tail carried low.



Baby Puppy Bitch

1st - Warree Petite Peat

  Dark brindle, will have a nice head when it sets.  Good dark eye, clean lipped, good

  straight limbs.  Will be a useful little pup.

2nd - Dreamcatcher Alilnaughty

  Another good dark brindle with good coat condition and dark eyes.  Neat ears.

3rd - Grepet Kogakure

  White with dark eyes and nose.


This trio are very close.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1st - Sonique Red Diva

  Red and white, beautiful expression, straight limbed, level backed, good turn of

  stifle.  Nice and compact.

2nd - Wazlinstaff Siennarose

  Red bitch, nice dark eyes, level back, tail carried low, good turn of stifle.  Good


3rd - Engelburg Bewitched

  Beautiful head, really feminine.  Good expression.  Straight legs, good turn of

  stifle, tail carried low.


Puppy Bitch

1st - Altisette Sparklin Cynyd

  A lovely red bitch with dark eyes, dark lips, tight smooth foreface.  Good straight

  limbs, level back, carries her tail low.

2nd - Warree Red Panda

  Fawn bitch, dark mask, very good dentition, level back, good turn of stifle.

3rd - Kabere Bo Ita Nikita

  Nice red bitch, dark round eyes, level back, good turn of stifle.


Junior Bitch

1st - Jettblak Jazz

  Lovely headed little bitch, nice round dark eyes, good neat ears.  Well put together

2nd - Swanky Groovy Whitedlite

  Moves well from the side, rear movement appears a little tight.  Level topline.

  Nice dark eyes, good turn of stifle.  Good head.

3rd - Torazar Dark Angel

  Nice dark eyes.  Good dentition, level backed, good turn of stifle. Tail carried low.

4th - Marjenn Layla

  This one would not perform today.  Nice head and expression.  Level topline,

  straight limbs and good turn of stifle.


Intermediate Bitch

1st - Stafflyte Illusion

  Black and white bitch, very eye catching.  Dark eyes well placed to give good

  expression.  Moved well, tail low.  Level back.

2nd - Bajed Miss Blackberry CDX

  Lovely brindle bitch, dark eyed, good head, nice straight front, level back.

3rd - Aust Ch. Bullybouys Desert Jewel

  Nice red bitch, black mask, white chest.  A good bitch, just slightly behind the

  previous two.


State Bred Bitch

1st - Stanbury Sweet Embrace

  Nice dark brindle bitch with white chest, dark eye.  Tight feet, well turned stifle

  carries tail low.

2nd - Feekstaff Goldfinger

  Nice red, good head, pleasing expression, round dark eyes, dark nose and toenails

  Level back, good hindquarters, nice turn of stifle.

3rd - Aust Ch. Hapustaff Black Magic CD AD JD

  Black brindle with white chest.  Good condition, dark eyes, dentition good, well

  turned stifle.


Aust Bred Bitch

1st - Aceblue Gun Barrel Gal

  Nice blue with white chest, dark eyed, level backed, nice turn of stifle, pump

  handle tail.  Well pigmented toe nails.

2nd - Warree Bearsford Red

  Red bitch, good head, black mask, powerful muzzle.  Level backed, strong

  hindquarters, tail low.

3rd - Aust Ch. Belleden Warriorprincess

  Nice red, dark eye matches coat colour.  Level back, short coupled, good turn of

  stifle, feet tight.


Open Bitch

1st - Aust Ch. Jenrana Ebony Anivory

  Black and white bitch, nice headed, dark eye, well put together, level back and

  good turn of stifle.

2nd - Aust Ch. Belleden De La Rouge

  A lovely red, black mask, dark eye.  Level back and good turn of stifle.

3rd - Aust Ch. Swanky Xtra Groovy

  Black brindle, level topline, forequarters straight, well turned stifle, tail carried low



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