12th June, 2004

Judge: Mr W McKnight (UK)


An early start at 8am was absolutely necessary in order to cope with an excellent entry.  Perhaps a blessing in disguise but a ridiculous rumour suggesting that I preferred black brindles to reds depleted the representation of that colour.  I am not suggesting malicious gossip but I would urge the perpetrators of such mischievous talk innocent or otherwise to get their facts right before giving advice!  I have owned and bred all colours.  On my last visit to South Africa red dogs had a field day, much, I think to the surprise of those that would otherwise categorise me.  Let me assure the reader that I never judge colours apart from those described in the Breed Standard as undesirable!


It is important to me to project by illustration what I believe to be the true Staffordshire Bull Terrier depicting the strength, balance and shape which combines physical splendour.  The word ‘feminine’ is so often used when describing bitches, which, in my opinion, fail in substance.  I ask those who would disagree to show me, outside of the weight clause, in the Breed Standard, any part of the description what differentiates between male and female, and yes, I am aware of the last sentence!  Bitches are the backbone of any breed therefore strength must be maintained!


From my previous visit I cannot say whether Staffords are better or worse.  I did write previously that I found the standard high and I reiterate those sentiments this time around.  Faults; show me perfection?  As written earlier, there is nothing that cannot be improved or eradicated.


Finally and lest we forget, its beginnings, or the historical side of the breed must never be forgotten when breeders and judges take up the challenge to breed and or illustrate the true meaning of the words, balanced, of great strength, muscular and agile, courageous, intelligent, affectionate, bold fearless and totally reliable.




Baby Puppy


1st .  Borolo King Cobra.  Tiger Brindle.  Probably the smallest puppy in the class and one of the youngest but very typical of the breed.  A black mask enhanced a very good head with the added compliments to make it eye catching.  Balance body with ample bone etc; for its age.


2nd.  Dreamcatcher Thtradesman.  A red puppy and the best showman in the class.   Presenting a clean image throughout and deserving of his placing but just no having the balance of the winner at this stage.  However time can and does effect change.


3rd.  Borolo War Admiral.  Brindle with black mask.  Litter brother to the winner which says much for the breeding but like the rest, he needs time.


Minor Puppy


1st.  Onfire Final Impact.  Dark brindle handled well which emphasised his good points.  Straight front and pleasing rear quarters adding to his overall balance.  Nice expression on a good head at this age.  Moved very well.  Would be interesting to see in maturity.


2nd.  Bajed Magic Halfpenny.  Handled by a lady this puppy is similar to the winner in type.  Beautiful expression etc; but just didn’t have the balance of the first puppy.  Deserving of its place I must add that I refrain from making in-depth remarks on young stock; they can backfire!!


3rd.  Seighford Wotsup Doc.  Dark brindle handled by another lady.  Head proportions just right.  Straight front, tight well padded feet etc; judging only as found on the day, places can, in age classes , be unpredictable and therefore change within a short time.




1st.  Verysharp Pretty Boy.  This was a very competitive class and yet this puppy stood out.  So well put together throughout that he doesn’t need a sectional description.  Looks, at this stage, like having a rosy future in the show ring. Best puppy in show.


2nd.  Warree Wizard.  Dark brindle.  Quite a powerful puppy handled by a lady.  Really he is still a minor at this stage, but holding his own in good company.  I liked the head and with a good front, short back he has a lot going for him.  A little bit tubby which I don’t mind at this age but unfortunately this is a show ring.  The rear quarters are better than exhibited.


3rd.  Niatona The Silent Assassin.  A dark brindle running close for second place.  Good head shape, size and expression.  Clean front, short back with pleasing quarters.  Moved well.


4th.  Gemra Code Red.  Flashy red with white front and feet.  I also liked this one very much.  Excellent coat condition covering a well proportioned body.  Hairline decisions have to be made which speaks volumes for the competitive talent.


5th.  Royalrumbler Ride to Hell.




1st.  Belleden Rocco.  Dark brindle handled by a young lady.  Was pushed very hard for this place.  Nice type and balance in head.  Straight clean front with plenty of depth flowing through to good quarters.  A shade light in the eye which, in no way, detracts.  Very good condition.


2nd.  Bajed Prince of Darkness.  Black Brindle.  This lady handler exhibited in an earlier class and is obviously associated with a type.  Beautiful head-piece, straight front, short back and complimentary rear quarters.  A slight fault didn’t deter and in overall assessment he was correctly placed.


3rd.  Belleden Devil Ov Orion.  White spotted dog brother to winner.  Colour broken on an excellent head.  Balance thru sporting a clean outline including well shaped quarters.


4th.  Ch. Gemra Power Nglory.  Dark brindle with white collar and socks.  Strong head although tapering a little to the nose. Good front but top line could be a little better.  Back end fine.


5th.  Torazar Tuscan Rule.




1st.  Toplace Midnight Warrior.  Dark brindle.  Nicely shaped head with eyes to match.  I must say that the first thing that caught my eye was this dog’s excellent condition; the bloom of the coast gave one an indication of this fellow’s health.  Level back, good back-end and by this I mean the bend in stifle, width and depth of hams; a credit to his owner.  A good class to win!


2nd.  Bajed Rage N Thunder.  Dark brindle.  First impressions are his shapely head with keen expression coming from the desired dark eyes.  Straight front, short back and yet another with excellent quarters.  I must also mention that this dog, like the winner sports a sterling bloom.


3rd.  Whobedat Up To Scratch.  Dark brindle.  Placing this dog as I did indicates that I liked him.  He is a little lighter in make-up but having all the attributes of the first two.  It is extremely difficult not to be repetitive but I must again write that I was drawn to the condition of this dog’s coat!


4th.  Ashahara Young Harry.  White with dark eye patch.  Balance here is the operative word and hair splitting decisions took time to deliberate. Expression spoiled a little but one cannot ignore class.


5th.  Roperbull Bronson Red.  Colour as the name suggests.  This dog blended well with the other card winners.  Very well handled.


State Bred.


1st.  Willspride Finnigan.  White.  Couldn’t get past this one.  So well balanced it incites one to make a closer inspection and I found nothing that would induce me into awarding other than this placing.


2nd.  Gemra Iassachar Warrior.  Different type of head to the first dog and not the balance.  He is certainly a match for any competitor but the opposition on this occasion was just too much.  Standing second to the winner in such a strong class says much for this exhibit.  The visual impression of this dog makes him a winner.


3rd.  Knightlord Phantomenace.  Dark Brindle.  In keeping with the forerunners this fellow has balance with good head and front and a matching back-end.  Excellent bloom.


4th.  Warree Flamin Red.  Colour defined in name.  Top size strong dog with choice pigment.  Matching all the attributes carried by the other card winners in this class.  A family bred dog by a breeder of note!


5th. Ch. Gemra Blaze of Glory.


Australian Bred.


And yes another strong class.


1st.  Ch. Lockstaff Black Venom.  A black brindle with his lady handler.  It is good to see so many of the fairer sex active both in and outside the show ring; not so, a few years ago.  A titled dog worthy of his prefix.  There’s hardly much one can write about a dog of this standing; he’s been there and done that!   A strong well shaped head with correct eye placement and colour.  Straight front and obvious spring in rib and all around of reasonable balance.  Excellent bloom which adds to his visual presence. 


2nd.  Ch. Bustabones Howard Ulikit.  Black brindle with white markings giving him that extra dash.  Similar to the winner with repetitive remarks.  Nothing to choose between these two.


3rd.  Borolo Chance Ov Rain.  Black brindle dog very well handled by a male, (for a change).  Slight difference in type to the fore runners which does influence decisions.  There is much to write about all of these exhibits but what more can one say?  Suffice to write that this dog earned his card by having the parts that are worthy of note.


4th.  Ch. Pickaxe White Fire.  No less than seven champions in this class and to say that I liked this dog seems a strange statement since he was placed thus, but as most people know selections can change overnight.  The dog is a worthy champion; need I say more?  All cannot be red card winners but I believe all those placed are winners!  It is easy to use the word ‘excellent’ when describing a good all-round dog, in this instance that word is well met.  Why a dog is placed in a particular position is down to personal perception at any given time.  Perhaps if I was asked to choose a stud dog then this well could be the one!


5th.  Ch. Stoneheart Joe Black.




I am so pleased to write here that was another difficult class to judge.  There were, after all, no less than fifteen champions in this class.  I enjoyed being taxed in this way.


1st.  Gr Ch. Jenrana Black Mail.  Black brindle handled in a very professional manor.  This dog is as strong as I like them, but I hasten to add, not overdone at this stage.  However through out the description strong is the operative word.  The first glance provokes a lingering observation savouring his type of head, wide straight well boned front perched on tight well padded feet.  In profile everything goes together.  Short back with the right spring in rib coupled to his rear quarters giving an appreciation of strength.  Truly deserved his well earned placing.


2nd.  Ch. Bustabones Whats Ya Point.  Black brindle and my reserve challenge certificate.  Similar to the winner and without being critical he just lost out on general balance.  Eyes could be a shade darker and although I take the word, ‘preferred’ literally, everything is accountable in a run-off competition.  When writing about a line up of good dogs I try not to draw comparisons except when ask by an exhibitor/ owner because a dog so highly placed doesn’t need written commentary.  I am delighted to write that many of the titled dogs that I judged at this show do not require and epithet to highlight their worth!


3rd.  Tuskstock It Wasn’t Me.  A Dark brindle that retained my attention for appreciation values and finished as a worthy finalist amongst a classy lot.


4th.  Takillas Taboo Noire.  Black brindle.  This exhibit standing alone as it were, in such good company denotes his individuality, presentation, handling and movement.






Baby Puppy.


1st.  Swanky Elegance.  Red smut.  Baby Puppy in Show.  It is always sie to reserve final judgement on a baby but the obvious points are what wins a class and ultimately the breeder hopes the good points, plus, will be projected into adulthood.  In this youngster I see a beautiful head shape which looks like it may be retained through the developing stages.  She possesses an overall strength absent in many bitches and excellent quarters fore and aft.  I wish the handler/ breeder the best of luck with this one.


2nd.  Brookshire The Matron.  Dark brindle handled by a lady.  Different type to the winner but a very nice baby throughout.  She does have presence and one desires that she carries her present virtues through to maturity.


3rd.  Feekstaff Goldfinger.  Red also exhibited by a lady.  I have to admit that most of these lasses have a way with dogs especially the hard to handle younger ones.  Nicely shaped head perched on a sound front.  A very pleasing outline for one so young.


4th.  Lokstokstaf Attitude.  Black brindle with a young lady handler.  This one has a lot going for her.  Head, front and rear quarters all blending in clean lines.  It can be folly to say too much about a baby but when quality is there it shouldn’t be ignored.  I trust that as she matures her owner will have a lot of fun with her. 


5th.  Pipelyne Tiger Lily.


Minor Puppy.


1st.  Altisette Imposing Edge.  The first two places in this class were won by exhibits, yet again, handled by ladies; watch out lads!!  This is a very well put together puppy presented and exhibited in first class condition.  Clean lines throughout and in beautiful bloo this highlighting all the good points.  Hard to beat in this class.


2nd.  Artmac Roza Oliana.  Eye catching red with a black mask.  This youngster was carrying a little baby fat and although I am not criticising how she was turned out, because I personally like to see the extra covering, in youth, it was, unfortunately a championship show and condition does have its place in this sort of competition.  However there was enough class in conformation to appreciate her qualities hence the placing.


3rd.  Warree Slick Diva.  Excellent head on this dark brindle youngster.  Clean sound front, level back etc; needs to tighten up and develop in the loins, which, hopefully should come with maturity.


4th. Warree Bears Fordred.  Red with dark mask.  Sister to the one above and possessing many of the same qualities.  An early age to look too closely into this judgement but in today’s competition she was only just shaded on overall balance.


5th.  Toplace Lady Belle.




1st. Niatona People Will Talk.  Dark brindle with an odd name but people will always talk about a winner and in this class that’s how it was!  Opposite puppy in show.  Nice shaped head and straight front; a little more padding and tightness in the feet would complete visual appreciation.  Still the salient parts carried the day projecting her to the winning circle.


2nd.  Jenrana Snow Queen.  Dark brindle and white.  This is a beautiful puppy and against other competition could easily have won the red card.  Although pigment spoiled I couldn’t overlook the other, more important features, and so she was placed accordingly.


3rd.  Aceblue Gun Barrel Gal.  Colouring as the name suggests.  Not many about anywhere but the few, I have judged have warranted high placements.  Being a little lippy detracrted, somewhat, from a very well shaped and developed head.  Pigment is always suspect in this colour but this bitch has no problems in this quarter.  Great balance throughout!


4th.  Vagastaff Samsara.  Red with dark mask and white chest.  Attractive puppy with reasonable balance at this stage of growth.  She has everything going for her and barring accidents or just plain bad luck should cause problems for the best when mature.


5th.  Cherabah The Beez Kneez.




In my notes I have written, ‘good class of bitches’.


1st.  Tuskstock Crystal Ball.  Dark brindle worthy of her placement.  Beautiful head and expression; level mouth.  Straight front coupled to an excellent spring in rib.  I could go on highlighting the finer points but actions speak louder than words and my decision says it all.


2nd.  Hellfyre Ice Queen.  Spotty white, which, like it or not, does not offset obvious qualities; this bitch is very well constructed.  Great head, front and quarters.  Excellent balance; what more is there to write?


3rd.  Blackskull Cleopatra.  Dark brindle.  Although I found this exhibit a little lippy it certainly didn’t detract from her excellent head.  Clean lines throughout is how I describe a straight front, good body parts and rear quarters.  Moved and handled very well.


4th.  Brinred Miss Ducatti.  Dark brindle.  Dark eyes complimenting a good head and neck leading to her straight front.  I saw a level back and fine rear quarters.  Perhaps a little more weight in the middle would be beneficial to her overall balance.


5th.  Kabere Double Jeopardy.




1st.  Ozpride Tiger Lily.  Brindle.  A good winner in this class of twenty exhibits.  The fact is that all placements had much to compete with.  Shapely head, level mouth and straight front; ample bone from start to finish.  To give that extra edge I would like a little more waist definition that would enhance an already good spring in rib; this is not a criticism, rather it is a personal observation.  She has complimentary rear quarters giving her clear sound movement.


2nd.  Jenrana Coco Kabana.  Dark brindle.  Again much could be written in repetition, that, apart from the exhibitor, can be boring to the reader.  I like to believe that the owner knows his/ her charge and exhibits accordingly.  In a good class of dogs there is never too much of a difference but ultimately a choice has to be made.  In this situation I just preferred the rear quarters of the winner.


3rd.  Ch. Castlestaff Miss Magic.  White with dark markings.  Nice head piece.  I must remark on her pigmentation that was so obviously good.  I saw enough of this bitch to appreciate her qualities and condone her title but it must be said that she was lethargic on this showing and it does spoil.


4th.  Carburg Daring Shikynar.  Dark brindle.  Stamped with type, this girl sports a short back that enhances a balanced profile.  In all other body parts she compares well with the forerunners.


5th.  Ourgang Misguided Angel.


State Bred.


1st.  Ch. Gemra Black Ace.  Great sparkle in this bitch put down to her superb condition.  Five champions listed in a class of ten; on paper it certainly gives the reader an idea of the quality of competition.  Very well exhibited and really there’s nothing much to write about because this lady had proved herself a worthy champion.


2nd.  Hapustaff Black Magic CD.  Dark brindle with a white chest.  It’s easy to write ‘nice’ – she must be, having been placed so highly where there are no less than four champions behind her!  She lacks the sparkle of one but possess all the visual niceties that are easily recognised and what determined my show rating of her in this class.


3rd.  Dreamcatcher Wild Child.  Dark brindle.  Perhaps unfair if one writes, ‘a shade light in the eye’, when viewed against a dark background.  However so many are penalised for this which is why I take stock of all colours in each category before making a judgement on the whole of the anatomy.  This exhibit scores in so many aspects and her covering reveals her super condition.


4th.  Ch. Staffywink Painted Red.  The first striking thing is the terrific pigment this bitch has.  She also possesses a lovely head and front, level back etc; and in good condition.  Preferred the rear quarters of those placed above.


5th.  Ch. Belleden Warrior Princess.


Australian Bred.


Nineteen in this class with only three absentees and of the exhibits eight are champions.


1st.  Mosstrooper Shes Magic.  A black brindle lady projecting clear, clean lines throughout.  She has a beautiful head in balance with body; a positive front, tidy feet etc; and in first class condition.


2nd.  Ch. Jenrana All That Jazz.  Black brindle.  A proven exhibit shown in mega condition.  Unlucky to have met the winner with the preferred head otherwise she would have been my winner on the day.


3rd.  Ch. Cherabah Shes So Fine.  Black brindle.  Another nice headed bitch with an admiral front; to complete the picture I would like to see tighter feet.  Correct spring in rib but the lack of muscularity in the rear quarters spoils the general outline.  Again I am not criticising the body parts rather I am making observations relating to the selections.


4th.  Bajed Wild Thing.  Brindle.  This bitch has many virtues and therefore measures well in this company.  Unfortunately, one drawback, on which I will not elaborate, destroyed her chances of a higher placing; still on another day in other company, I would have no hesitation in moving her to the top of the line!


5th.  Ch. Borolo Sweet Surrender.




I have judged many, many dogs over the years and I have come across near perfection but I am of the opinion that whilst we strive for it in Staffords it will probably never be accomplished.  Perfection, it would seem, is a pipe dream, but we all must keep trying to achieve it.  It is that picture of faultlessness with classic virtues in my minds eye that I measure each exhibit against.  As I said, some have come close and although I do not fault judge there are few that escape me.  Virtues are always the order of the day!!!


1st.  Knockon Bitter Sweet.  Black brindle.  She is, perhaps the best I have seen from this kennel.  Put down in absolute splendid condition and just so well put together which in the final analysis won her the highest accolade a judge can bestow at any show.  I do not know the age this bitch is but I am surprised that she has not yet won a title.  Beautifully balanced all the way through.  A great headed bitch with the correct width in front and depth in brisket.  Her straight top line together with that all important width and depth in hams that form part of the rear quarters which in completeness has the necessary bend in stifle.  Looking at her, front, side and rear presents a winning picture.  Best in show.


2nd.  Ch. Joden Crackling Rose.  Dark brindle with a white flash.  Great substance portrayed here.  Powerful shapely head with a soft expression denoting femininity.  When assessing each of the body parts, good is the common denominator, which is why I awarded her Reserve Challenge.


3rd.  Ch. Ozpride Denim and Lace.  Black brindle with white front and collar.  Slightly different type to the first two but obviously meeting the standards set.  I take great delight in discovering during my report, that here is yet another worthy champion.


4th.  Ch. Verysharp Reflections.  Black brindle.  There is nothing more to add here; I’ve said it all over and over again.  Four out of five champions!!!  It wasn’t a ordinary competiton rather it was a clash of the Titans and the cards were limited!


5th. Ch. Swanky Xtra Groovy.


Finally I must add my thanks to the exhibitors for making me feel comfortable during my deliberations and accepting my selections so sportingly.


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