14th June, 2003

Judge: Ms P Reeder-Gibb

I was most honoured to receive the invitation to judge your 18th Championship Show two long years ago, and it was with great anticipation that I waited for the day of the show to finally arrive. To judge your own breed for a specialty club for the first time is a tremendous milestone in the career of any judge, and is certainly the highlight of mine so far. Our family has had a long association with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland and Queensland Staffords in general, back to the very early days of our breed in this country, so it meant a great deal to me to be so honoured by your members.

 May I take this opportunity to thank the committee of your club for the kind hospitality extended to us during our brief stay. Hayley Bartley, Debbie Smith, Charlotte Holman, Cindy Ireland, and several others whose names escape me but whose faces I will long remember, treated us with graciousness and generosity. Hayley had been especially wonderful in helping me to get myself organised in the lead up to the show, and was also of great assistance on the day, so I must really thank Hayley in particular.  It was a beautifully organised show, which appeared to me to go off without a hitch – so congratulations to you all. The trophy table was also a superb credit to your hard work, and I think you must have all planned the weather especially as it was a truly heaven-sent sunny day.

 My grateful thanks to my Ring Steward Graham Drew, an old friend who took tremendous care of me and made sure that everything was in perfect running order in our ring. The Show Manager, Chris Woodrow, was also of great assistance during the day, and also a wealth of knowledge. Many thanks Chris, for your support when it was needed. Thanks also to the assembly steward Janet Wall, who made her difficult task appear effortless, and to the hostesses Nikki and Lauren, who not only looked gorgeous but also performed their tasks beautifully.

 To say that I was not disappointed in how this long anticipated day turned out would be an understatement –  I had a fabulous time and really enjoyed judging your dogs. Firstly, I should congratulate the exhibitors. My thanks for bringing out your Staffords for me to assess, and for accepting my decisions in such a sporting way. Without exception, every exhibitor accepted their placing graciously, and there was a big round of applause for all the winners of the day. It is not always easy to accept when our dog does not place as highly as we had hoped – I know, I am out there showing nearly every weekend just like most of you guys – but you all did it with style. It makes the day that much more pleasant for the judge when a spirit of sportsmanship prevails, so my thanks once again.

 As for the dogs presented to me on the day, on the whole I was delighted with the quality. In the critique that follows, I have attempted to be as honest and constructive as I possibly can, and to try and explain my placings in detail. I hope my comments are taken in the light that they are given – there is no such thing as the perfect Stafford and certain areas of the breed do need obvious improvement.  My comments aim to help – remembering that there was tremendous quality on offer during the day, and many good exhibits had to go cardless in some of the better classes.

 There were a few problems that seemed to creep us consistently. Forequarters, generally speaking, were not as good as they could be. Please take note of the clause of the standard that says “…straight and well boned, set rather wide apart…shoulders well laid back with no looseness at the elbow”. A large percentage of the dogs exhibited under me on the day did not show the required 45-degree shoulder angulation, with upright angles and loose elbows moving away from the chest wall the order of the day. I also saw a number of narrow fronts as well as short upper arms (i.e. the humerus not of equal length to the scapula) causing the shoulder muscle to bunch up. This kind of construction overall restricts forequarter reach of the dog, usually ruins the topline and can give an elongated look to the body – resulting in a dog not fully able to perform the task he was bred for. Please keep an eye on this, and if there is any part of it you don’t understand, I would recommend you get your hands on a copy of Dr Harry Spira’s Canine Terminology, a book which makes a subject that seems quite complicated really very simple.

 I would also pay close attention to eye colour, which – in general – could be darker, especially in some of the reds, who were exhibiting eyes of a light to dark amber colour. Mouths were also cause for concern, with several undershot or wry bites on otherwise excellent specimens causing me great disappointment. There were also one or two level bites, which I was not as hard on, but they do bear watching. I saw more converging canines than I have seen elsewhere, including here in Sydney, with several quite obviously cleanly cut off. This is not acceptable, and will very rarely earn a prize under me, as it is a sign of a jaw that is simply not functional. However, where a canine is clearly broken, showing a jagged break-line and an otherwise sound jaw, the exhibit was not penalised. Please remember that when canines are cut off, a learned judge will be able to see from the articulation of the existing canine where it was headed and make an appropriate assessment.

 But please don’t get me wrong - on the other side of the equation there is so much to praise about your dogs. The most important factor of all – breed type – was present in abundance, and I had no difficulty identifying it. All of my major winners were stunning examples of correct breed type, as were many dogs that did not place highly due to other factors, and I have noted this in individual critiques. Hindquarters, as a whole, were excellent, and a definite improvement on the Queensland dogs of the past. The vast majority of hindquarters were well angulated and muscled, with adequate width and drive when moving away, with only a few exhibits over-reaching in side-gait. Feet were sensational, with all but one or two dogs on the day exhibiting neat, well padded and very strong cat-like feet. Fitness and presentation were also very good, with several very capable handlers presenting their dogs to best advantage, and good coat condition and overall health and vigour clearly evident.

 I was looking for Staffords of outstanding type and temperament, of good size and balance, with a correct head, sound construction and the ability to move. My final winners essentially fulfilled these requirements, and my thanks to their owners for bringing them on the day. My final challenge line-ups were of extremely heartening quality, with several lovely dogs and bitches, each of whom will undoubtedly go on to greater glories on another day. I was also thrilled with the general quality of most of the bitch classes, most particularly the Australian Bred and Open Bitch classes, which contained the bulk of your mature bitches. There were some sensational specimens in these classes, several of whom could go on to win on any given day. I certainly had a difficult job short-listing, and then placing, some great bitches. If you were in these classes please accept my great praise and congratulations  – it will be of great benefit to the breed if these excellent brood bitches are bred sensibly.

Thank you all once again for an unforgettable day, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.  I look forward to following the progress of your dogs, and catching up with you all again on our travels to the beautiful Sunshine State, or perhaps down here in Sydney.

 Peta Reeder-Gibb

Gamester Staffords

Sydney, N.S.W


Baby Puppy Dog

1st     Bolton & Turner’s Smylinstaff Bak In Black

15 week old upstanding brindle baby with loads of potential. Promising head properties at this early stage, with correctly placed round eyes, excellent expression, distinct stop and tidy rose ears. Would benefit from more underjaw for head perfection. Correctly constructed fore and aft, moved with purpose and was a stand-out winner in this class.  


2nd     Needer’s Kumbari Raving Red

3 month old red baby with excellent head and expression.   Correct round dark eyes - set wide apart, distinct stop. Soft in ear at this stage, but I would expect this to correct itself given  time. Excelled in pigmentation. Not the best of fronts, requiring more correct shoulder angulation and greater body development overall. Excellent coat.


3rd        Bainbridge’s Kumbari Radical Red

Litter brother to second place getter, very similar in make and shape but not as strong in head properties – would benefit from a more distinct stop and slightly shorter muzzle. Sound mover.


Minor Puppy Dog

1st        Hebbard’s Ashahara Young Harry

7 month old white dog with brindle head markings. Well balanced dog with excellent bone and substance for his age. Fair head, with good expression, round eyes and well placed rose ears. Could benefit from more depth of stop and a darker eye for head perfection, but he still has room for development. Correct front with good shoulder angulation and prominent pro sternum. Compact body with good spring of rib and short coupling. Moved around the ring very soundly. Best Minor Puppy In Show


2nd       Naporowski’s Gecane Baggeridgelane

8 month old red dog with excellent bone and substance. Fair head with distinct stop and correct ear placement. Could be improved with a slightly darker eye and more depth of underjaw. Correct front with excellent shoulder angulation. Well-padded, tight feet. More correct hindquarter angulation would improve his topline, but otherwise a sound mover coming and going who was very well handled.


3rd        Homan’s Avonheart Preston

7 month old red dog with dark mask. Good head and expression, with correctly placed round eyes. Could benefit from slightly more stop. Ears were still full-drop at this stage. Can only improve as his handler gains more experience.


Puppy Dog

1st        Davis’ Roperbull Rampaging Reg

Upstanding 10 month old red dog of exceptional quality. Oozing breed type, he took my eye from the moment he entered the ring and stood out in what was a large class with many other good specimens. He is correct in almost every department. Stunning head with totally correct expression and eye placement, distinct stop, deep-through skull, prominent cheek muscles, and well set rose ears. To be critical, he would benefit from slightly more width of muzzle but the length of muzzle and depth of underjaw were very correct, as was his bite. Well pigmented throughout. Excellent spring of rib, though I would prefer slightly more shoulder angulation which would shorten his body. Correctly angulated and well-muscled hindquarters. Of correct size and substance, he moved soundly on well-padded feet. This young dog was a strong contender in the challenge line-up and I have no doubt he will be a world-beater upon maturity and with a little more experience in the show-ring. Best of luck with him. Best Puppy In Show


2nd       Lane’s Gecane Gospel End

Well-balanced 8 month old red dog with excellent bone and substance. Excelled in body properties, with correct front, good spring of rib, short coupling and well-developed hindquarters. Fair head that should improve with maturity. Would like more strength of muzzle at this stage. Correct feet. Moved around the ring very soundly and was extremely well handled.


3rd        Keedle’s Sonicstaff Mighty Lad

11 month old red dog with good head and expression. Correct ear and eye placement, good strength of muzzle. Would benefit from a slightly darker eye and more depth of stop. Good body with short coupling and spring of rib. Would prefer more correct shoulder angulation, but this was an otherwise sound dog who won his third place based on his excellent movement.



Junior Dog

1st        Clarke’s Billylee Kelvin Roy

12 month old red dog with dark mask. Of standard size with excellent bone and substance, he possessed correct pigmentation throughout. Excellent head and expression, with dark, round eyes set wide apart between a distinct stop. Short, broad muzzle with excellent depth of underjaw. Well-placed rose ears. Strong, compact and very sound body with good spring of rib and short coupling. Could do with more correct shoulder angulation, but this dog moved soundly. Correct short, sleek coat. Another dog that will be a strong contender upon maturity, I would like to see his owner slow down a little in order to best display his correct movement.


2nd       Longden’s Cyprustaff Mighty Zeus

15 month old red fawn dog with good bone and substance. Good head with correct short, strong muzzle and deep-through skull. A slightly darker eye would improve his expression. A strong competitor in this class, with good spring of rib and excellent feet. He could do with slightly more angulation in both forequarter and hindquarter to improve his topline on the move.


3rd        Davis’ Roperbull Montgomery Red

10 month old red dog who lacked the bone, substance and maturity of the two placed above him. Excellent head and expression, with correct depth of stop and eye placement.  Excellent coat qualities, sound well padded feet. Would like to see more correct angulation throughout which would improve his topline.


4th        Holman & Davison’s Borolo Go Go Gomez

17 month old dark brindle dog with white markings. Fair head with good depth of skull and strong underjaw. Could do with slightly more depth of stop and a darker eye for head improvement. Sound body, with correct shoulder and hindquarter angulation. Moved very soundly. Was unfortunately not as strong in head as first three place getters.


Intermediate Dog

1st        Price & Lane’s Ch Knightlord Questov Valor

Extremely typical and sound 18 month old red dog. Magnificent head and expression, with correct depth of skull, prominent cheek muscles, distinct stop and strong muzzle. Well placed dark round eyes. Would prefer a slightly smaller ear for head perfection, but this is still a head in development. Beautiful depth to his red colour, he possesses very strong pigmentation throughout and was presented in gleaming condition. One of the soundest dogs of the day, he was well-balanced, short coupled, with a good spring of rib, level topline and excellent hindquarter angulation. Would like to see slightly stronger bone throughout. Good general fitness but I would have preferred to see more hindquarter musculation – something that could be improved with roadwork and a little more maturity. A great showman, he possessed a wonderful rapport with his handler, and moved with drive and determination on sound, well-padded feet. One of the best handler/dog teams on the day, I congratulate his handler and owners on this stunning display of what can be achieved when correct Stafford temperament is properly harnessed. A worthy son of my Best In Show winner, out of the same mould – he will be an extremely exciting dog when fully mature. Best Intermediate In Show


2nd       Butcher’s Pickaxe White Fire

2 year old white dog with a very correct head, perhaps the best head in this class. Very difficult to fault this headpiece, meeting the standard in all areas, including depth of stop, strength and length of muzzle, and eye placement. Correct ears, well set and of good texture. He is of correct size with good bone and substance. Would prefer a more correct front, with the required shoulder angulation. Fair hindquarters, with good muscular development.  He was not a happy chap on the day, and unfortunately did not move or present himself with any animation, but he is otherwise a very typical dog.


3rd        Weber’s Ch Totalstaff Thunderstone

Brindle dog, nearly 2 years of age. Of good bone and substance and possessing a classic head shape. Lovely expression with excellent distinct stop, strength of foreface and deep-through skull. Unfortunately a mouth fault cost him a higher placing. I would also prefer slightly tidier ears and a darker eye. Good body throughout, short coupled with excellent hindquarter angulation. Would benefit from a more correct lay of shoulder. Moved soundly.


4th        Waterton’s Ch Ulurustaff Dreamtime

2 year old red dog of good make and shape. Good head and expression with round eye and excellent ear texture and placement. Excellent front, with good pro-sternum and correct shoulder angulation. Moved very soundly. Could do with more strength of bone for my preference as well as improved hindquarter musculation.


State Bred Dog

1st        Lane’s Gecane Royal Regent

3 year old red fawn dog of correct type, excelling in head properties and pigmentation. Stunning headpiece with short blunt muzzle, deep stop, round dark eyes correctly placed and good depth of skull and underjaw. Small, well set rose ears. Strong muscular neck, however more correct shoulder angulation would improve his forequarter reach on the move. Strong compact body with a short coupling and good spring of rib. Excellent hindquarter angulation and musculation. Level topline, he moved with drive from the rear. Another excellent example of breed type. Best State Bred In Show


2nd       Winn’s Ch Pitford Turok Warrior

2 year old brindle dog. Fair head with good depth of skull, round eyes and well placed rose ears. Just lacked the expression and strength of muzzle of first place getter. Excellent body properties, with correct lay of shoulder, compact body, correct hindquarter angulation and musculation. Level topline. Would prefer slightly more bone and substance, but otherwise a sound dog that moved very correctly and was very well handled.


3rd        Spiller’s Knightlord Phantomenace

3 year old brindle dog with white markings. Correct size, bone and substance. Another excellent body with correct angulation and musculation throughout. Wider, rounder eyes would improve this headpiece, as would more strength of muzzle.  A sound mover presented in good condition.


 Australian Bred Dog

1st        Lane’s Ch Gecane Thevicarovcoseley

Without question the star of the show, this quality 2 year old red dog was the quintessence of breed type, balance and soundness. My notes say ‘the best dog of the day so far’, and my opinion did not waver as the judging progressed. Of standard size, with substance and quality round bone, he took my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Head of excellence, with correct Stafford expression, dark well placed round eyes, short blunt muzzle, and powerful deep though skull with prominent cheek muscles, definite stop, and correct scissor bite. Well placed rose ears of correct texture. Correct dark pigment throughout. Well developed body with ample depth of brisket, good spring of rib and short coupling. To be hyper-critical, I would prefer more correct shoulder angulation, but this did not hinder his excellent topline, which he held on the move. Strong hindquarters with correct angulation and well let down hocks. Correct tail set. Presented in hard physical condition, with a gleaming coat and excellent musculation – the fittest dog on show on the day. One of the day’s best movers, he defined ‘economy of effort’, moving easily with reach in front and discernible drive behind and with real determination on well-padded feet. This dog was beautifully handled, with a very correct temperament that displays magnificent showmanship. Never taking his eyes off me as I assessed the line-up in this class, he dared me to give him the prize, and how could I resist such excellence? My congratulations to his owners on breeding a fine example of the breed who gave his all on the day to win Challenge Dog from a quality line up, and then go on to Best In Show over a classy bitch. A stand out on the day in every respect.


2nd       Isakson’s Bedeany Force O Darkness

2 year old red with white front markings, this typical dog possessed another excellent head. Good depth of stop, round eyes, and short blunt muzzle - unfortunately one soft ear took away from an otherwise very good headpiece. Strong compact body, though he would benefit from more shoulder angulation. Did not display the movement of first place getter.       


3rd        Moran’s Ch Borolo Red Belly Black

2 year old red brindle dog, won his place on body properties. Fair head, with good depth of skull. Would prefer a rounder, darker eye and a shorter, stronger muzzle to improve this area. Correct lay of shoulder producing prominent pro-sternum. Good strength of neck. Well-angulated hindquarters. Moved well with a level topline.


Open Dog

1st        Stanley’s Ch Cherabah Ironside

Well balanced, extremely sound 6 year old black brindle dog, in good physical condition and holding his age very well. Very correct Stafford outline, this dog is of standard size and possesses the quality and showmanship required to win at the highest level. Excellent breed type throughout. Good head and expression, with correctly placed round eyes, distinct stop, good depth of skull, prominent cheek muscles and small, well-set rose ears of good texture. Excellent length of muzzle, would just prefer more width in this area and slightly more underjaw to improve an otherwise appealing headpiece. Correct scissor bite. Well developed body, sound in all areas. Good depth of brisket, correct shoulder angulation, well-sprung ribs, short coupling, excellent musculation throughout. He displayed well-padded feet, ample hindquarter angulation and well let down hocks. An excellent body shape completed with the correct tail set. For my preference I would like to see slightly more strength of bone throughout. This dog moved effortlessly around the ring with drive and determination, carrying his topline level – another of the very best movers of the day. Beautifully handled to his best advantage, I was pleased to award him Reserve Challenge Dog, and later Best Open In Show over an excellent bitch.


2nd       Dart’s Ch Vagastaff High N Mighty

3 year old red dog, with excellent bone and substance throughout. Good headpiece, with excellent strength of muzzle and underjaw and a distinct stop. Well-set rose ears. Would prefer wider placed eyes to perfect this headpiece. Well-developed muscular body - good depth of brisket and a level topline, which he held on the move. Could do with slightly more shoulder angulation. Very well handled, this quality dog may have placed higher, but was let down by his hindquarter movement. Handled very well.


3rd        Lane’s Grand Ch Rocellio Royal Dandy (imp UK)

Very sound 7 year old red dog, perhaps slightly past his best as he was not giving his all on the day. Excelling in body and movement, he is very well constructed with correct angulation fore and aft. Well muscled, with a level topline, short coupling and excellent spring of rib. Moved very soundly with reach and drive. For my preference I would like to see more bone and substance throughout, and more strength of muzzle to improve this otherwise very well put together dog. It is easy to see where the soundness and excellent movement of my Best In Show winner comes from. Presented in excellent physical condition.


Baby Puppy Bitch

A large, quality class with some lovely babies showing great potential.

1st        Schofield & Black’s Altisette Mirror Mirror

Very showy 3 month old red baby with white markings. Lovely feminine head and expression, with round dark eyes, deep stop and very well developed skull and underjaw for her age. Good body shape, correct spring of rib and depth of brisket. Well-angulated hindquarters. Her otherwise clean front could be improved with more angulation in shoulder. Moved very smartly and soundly with class and showmanship. An extremely promising young bitch, I was unable to resist awarding her Best Baby Puppy In Show. Good luck with her!


2nd       Schofield & Black’s Altisette Cool De Beers

Was pleased to discover that my brindle second place getter is a litter sister to number 1.They are very similar in type and general conformation and there is not much between them at this stage.  Promising head and expression. Could also do with a tad more shoulder angulation but otherwise well constructed through the body. Moved well, just preferred the expression and smart movement of her sister on the day.


3rd        Meredith’s Angelboon Fairy Princess

3 month old white bitch, more substantial than first two place getters yet also very promising. Good head, short and blunt with excellent eye and ear placement. Strong body, well developed for age. Could do with a little more underjaw and more correct shoulder angulation at this stage for my preference. Excellent pigment.


4th        Meredith’s Angelboon Miss Tiger Lily

Brindle and white bitch, litter sister to third place getter. Another good head with good depth of stop and round eyes. Excellent bone and substance for her age. Not as sound in body or quite as strong in head as her sister at this stage, but they are very similar in type and I would expect them to change places regularly as they develop.


Minor Puppy Bitch

There seems to be a shortage of minor puppies across the board at the moment, and this class was no exception. This was, without question, the most disappointing class of the day.

1st        Carroll & McGowan’s Dreamcatcher Wild Child

Upstanding 6 month old black brindle youngster, of good substance for her age. Fair head, would prefer wider set eyes, shorter blunter muzzle and slightly more underjaw. Excellent ear placement. Dark eyes and excellent pigment throughout. Coat sleek and short. Reasonably constructed throughout with well-angulated hindquarters. Could do with more shoulder angulation and a shorter coupling. Moving adequately, she was very well hand


2nd       Zupp’s Cherabah Bring It On

7 month old black brindle bitch, very similar in make and shape as first place getter, but was not as strong in head properties. Would benefit from a more correct bite, more stop and a slightly shorter muzzle. Well enough constructed throughout, but would prefer more angulation in the hindquarters.


Puppy Bitch

1st        Lacey’s Warree Midnight Flame

Quality 9 month old red fawn bitch, of good size and substance. Excellent head, with all the required properties. Correct, feminine expression, with dark round eyes, short blunt muzzle and a distinct stop. Excellent, well placed ears. Sound in body. Strong neck. Level topline, which she held on the move. Another that could benefit from more correct shoulder angulation which would give her more pro-sternum. Short, close coat in gleaming condition. Hindquarters well developed and angulated. Compact bitch that moved soundly and was very well handled.


2nd       Davis’ Roperbull Graced In Red

Stunning red bitch, 10 months age, very similar in make and shape to her Best Puppy In Show winning litter brother. A picture of quality and breed type, she is a bitch that would have won this class, and perhaps gone on to higher awards on the day, had she not possessed a serious mouth fault that caused me tremendous disappointment. Strong yet feminine head, correct in every department. All the required essentials - magnificent distinct stop, round dark eyes, short blunt muzzle, well placed rose ears, depth and strength of skull. Extremely typical expression  – this is a head I shall not forget in a hurry. Soundly constructed throughout, a little long in coupling for my preference, but she moved very soundly and was well handled.


3rd        Chandler’s Carburg Daring Shikynar

Typical 9 month old black brindle puppy who was unlucky to meet two such impressive bitches on the day. Lovely feminine head and expression, with short blunt muzzle, distinct stop and dark round eyes. Excellent ear placement. Correct forequarter angulation, compact body - would benefit from a little more hindquarter angulation, but she moved soundly enough. May have placed higher in this class had she been carrying a little less weight.


Junior Bitch 

1st        Schofield & Black’s Staffywink Painted Red

12 month old red bitch, a picture of femininity and breed type. Well balanced, with quality bone and musculation throughout. Correct head with dark round eyes leading to feminine expression.  Correct short muzzle, good depth of skull, well placed rose ears. Could do with a tad more stop for head perfection. Strong, well developed body with good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Excellent feet and coat qualities. Would prefer slightly more shoulder angulation, but she possesses particularly impressive hindquarters - well angulated and muscled with well let down hocks that really drove as she powered away on the move. Put down in fit hard condition. Very well handled. Was a real contender in an excellent challenge bitch line up and beat a quality dog to win Best Junior In Show


2nd       Brooks’ Cyprustaff Misbehavin

15 month old red bitch of good type. Nice head with excellent expression, good depth of skull and distinct stop. Could do with a slightly darker eye and more strength of muzzle for head perfection. Very soundly constructed and angulated throughout, she moved soundly with a level topline. She is a little loose in skin for my preference, but is an otherwise sound bitch.


3rd        Ross’ Swanky Airs N Graces

12 month old white bitch with red markings. Excellent head and expression – perhaps the best head in the class - but lost a higher place due to a severe mouth fault. Lovely short blunt muzzle, round dark eye, distinct stop and well placed ears. Compact body with excellent forequarter construction and spring of rib. Could do with a little more hindquarter angulation, which would improve her topline. A very typical young bitch shown in fit condition and handled with skill.


Intermediate Bitch

1st        Meredith’s Ch Couloir Rockn Wanda

2 year old white bitch with red markings, of correct breed type. Excellent bone and substance throughout, strong yet still feminine. Lovely head with correct strength of muzzle, distinct stop, deep through skull and round eyes. Well angulated forequarters with prominent pro-sternum. Well-muscled, compact body with good spring of rib and short coupling. More correctly angulated hindquarters would improve her rear movement, but otherwise she moved adequately with a level topline. Could benefit from tighter, neater feet. Presented in hard physical condition.


2nd       Wylie’s Stafflyte Skys The Limit

Heavy set 19 month old brindle bitch with white markings. Achieved her second place in a good class based on head properties – lovely deep through skull, with distinct stop, short muzzle with strong underjaw and dark round eyes. This bitch’s forequarter assembly is not her fortune, and she would benefit from more correctly angulated shoulders and more length of upper arm. Short coupling and good spring of rib. Well angulated hindquarters which were well muscled. Would also prefer tighter, neater feet.        


3rd        Shaw’s Belleden Warrior Princess

Well constructed red bitch, not quite 2 years of age. Lacked the strength of head of first two place getters. Feminine expression and good depth of skull but would prefer a wider, darker eye and more strength of muzzle. Very sound throughout, excellent angulation fore and aft with a level topline, which she held on the move. Very good mover who was well handled to best advantage.


State Bred Bitch

1st        Lane’s Gecane Sweet Violet

Very feminine 2 year old red fawn bitch, with excellent pigment throughout. Very correct head shape with beautiful expression, lovely dark round eyes, correct depth of stop and length and strength of muzzle. Possessing a deep and powerful skull, she also has lovely rose ears that are well placed. Good body with excellent hindquarter angulation and musculation. Slightly upright shoulders unfortunately hindered her reach in forequarter movement, but she held her level topline and moved around the ring with style. Another quality bitch that was a genuine contender in the Challenge line-up.


2nd       Monro’s Ausmaster Scarlet O’Hara

19 month old red bitch of good type. Did not possess the head qualities of first place getter. A darker eye placed lower in the skull, and a slightly shorter muzzle would improve the expression of this headpiece. Good depth and breadth of skull, and well placed rose ears. Soundly constructed bitch, moved soundly on well-padded feet.


3rd        Schofield & Black’s Altisette Irish Cream

Extremely sound, stylish 3 year old brindle bitch with white markings. Heavier set than previous two place getters, and carrying a little too much weight on the day, she is, however, extremely well constructed with ideal forequarter construction. I really liked her correct shoulder angulation, length of upper arm and prominent pro-sternum. Moved very soundly. A slightly smaller ear and less length of muzzle would have seen her place higher in this class.


Australian Bred Bitch

An outstanding class with a good number of quality bitches, all of whom pushed for a placing.

1st        Spicer’s Ch Linwest Pipedreams

Eye-catching red bitch, not quite 2 years of age, possessing truly outstanding breed type, style and substance. One of the best heads of the day, with an almost unequalled expression. Head full of strength and definition yet so feminine - correct in every department. I especially loved her depth of stop, short blunt muzzle, powerful underjaw, and her soft, round dark eyes. Correct scissor bite. Well pigmented down to her black toenails, she also possesses neat, well-padded feet. Compact body with excellent spring of rib and correct short coupling. Hindquarters well angulated with correct muscular development, finished with a pump handle tail. Would prefer more length of upper arm and more angulation in the shoulder joint for body perfection, which would improve her movement in this area, but this was an otherwise very well put together bitch who moved with purpose. Animation plus, she was presented in stunning condition and handled to perfection. This is the kind of bitch whose overall femininity, style and showmanship cannot be denied. She was a stand out in this excellent class, and outshone some lovely bitches to take out Challenge Bitch. Was unlucky to meet my Best In Show winner in such outstanding form - my final decision was a close run thing based on the superior movement of the dog on the day. There is no doubt that this outstanding pair could certainly exchange places on any given day.  A very worthy winner of Reserve In Show. My congratulations to her owner and breeders.


2nd       Bolton & Turner’s Ch Smylinstaff Abbey Rose

Sound 3 year old red bitch of style. Not quite as strong in head as my first place getter, but still quite correct. Would prefer a slightly rounder eye and a blunter muzzle for head perfection, but she possesses a distinct stop and good depth of skull. Very sound throughout, with correct forequarter and shoulder angulation. Moved soundly with a level topline. A quality bitch that just lacked the overall substance and head definition of my first place getter.


3rd        Myer’s Marjenn Jerri

Another top quality red bitch, 4 years of age. Very similar in type to first place getter, finishing a trio of three lovely bitches. Excellent size and substance. Quality head with correct depth of stop, strength of muzzle and eye placement. Lovely expression aided by well-placed rose ears. Reasonably constructed throughout, with adequate angulation fore and aft. Would like to see her presented in fitter physical condition.


 4th        Lane’s Ch Gecane Vanity Fair

Feminine 3 year old red bitch, very stylish and well constructed. I liked her correct movement and the way she was put together in almost every respect, but she does not possess the strength of head of the first three place getters. Would prefer a shorter, blunter muzzle and a darker, wider placed eye. Presented in gleaming, fit condition and was particularly well handled.     


Open Bitch

The most difficult class to judge on the day, given the sheer depth of quality on display. My final place getters could change place on any given day dependent on their condition and the circumstances. Many other good bitches had to be left out of a place.

1st        Zarb’s Ch Torazar Simply Sassy

Substantial 3 year old brindle bitch who grew on me the more I looked at her. For overall type, outline and balance she was extremely impressive. Very correct head, with excellent feminine expression. She possesses dark round eyes, a distinct stop, powerful blunt muzzle and strength of underjaw. Correct depth and breadth of skull and lovely rose ears of good texture. Strong muscular neck leading into powerful shoulders. Slightly more upper-arm and forequarter angulation would improve an otherwise sound, muscular body. Strong, well-padded feet. Excellent coat qualities. Well angulated hindquarters, let down at the hock. Moved with determination, especially from the rear, and I particularly loved her head and expression as she powered towards me. Presented in excellent condition, she worked hard to take out this quality class, and certainly made her mark in the Challenge line-up. I was pleased to award her Reserve Challenge Bitch.


2nd       Waterton’s Ch Ulurustaff Nun Keri

Upstanding and very sound 2 year old red bitch who pushed the eventual winner of this class right to the very end. Moved very soundly both coming and going, with a level topline. Very well constructed and muscled throughout. Did not possess the strength of head of the first place getter – I would prefer a shorter, blunter foreface for more strength in this area, but I liked her very much for overall type, balance and soundness.


3rd        Lane’s Ch Tess The Tyrant (imp UK)

Stunning 6 year old red fawn bitch, I was delighted to have the chance to go over her. Of magnificent type, with a correct head in all departments and a lovely, feminine expression. Still so strong in foreface, with a blunt muzzle, distinct stop and beautiful dark round eyes. Sound in body, she moved very well, holding her topline throughout. To be critical, I would prefer slightly more angulation in the rear. So strong yet so feminine as she approaches veteran status – would have been very difficult to beat on the day had she been in fitter physical condition. My thanks to her owners for bringing the stunning dam of my Best In Show winner, to whom he is so similar in breed type.


4th        Scott’s Ch Waurstafford Pocahontas

3 year old red bitch with dark mask. Strongly and soundly constructed throughout, with a level topline and correct forequarter and hindquarter angulation. Excellent ear placement, correct coat properties, and neat, well padded-feet. Would have preferred a stronger head with wider eye placement and more depth of stop.


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